HCM invests in FHS health students


On Sept. 20, representatives from Hill Country Memorial presented a check for $18,000 to Fredericksburg High School’s Health Sciences Program.

The gift will be used to cover the cost of a new health professions curriculum designed to prepare students for certification as patient care technicians, electrocardiogram (EKG) technicians and phlebotomists.

“Through this gift, we are cultivating homegrown talent,” said HCM CEO Jayne Pope. “With the skills they learn, these students can go into nursing, allied health and beyond. By investing in them today, we invest in our community’s future.”

The gift was made possible entirely by donations from HCM hospital volunteers, and it includes a recurring annual gift of $3,500 for training supplies.

“Hill Country Memorial’s volunteers have a long history of partnering with students,” said Linda Simonsen, HCM Hospital Volunteer Coordinator. “From supporting student nurses at Fredericksburg’s original LVN school in the early 1970s to today’s summer student volunteer program, volunteers and students work hand in hand to ensure the next generation of health professionals.”

After training in the three subject areas throughout the 2018-2019 school year, the students can take exams to become certified patient care techs, EKG techs and phlebotomists.

Fredericksburg Independent School District administrators and HCM leaders described the partnership as a win-win.

“This new curriculum focuses on the practical application of skills,” said Brian Wallace, FHS health sciences instructor. “After taking the certification exams, these young people can use their skills to join the workforce right here at home or start the next phase of their education.”