Coronavirus case count update Sept. 23

  • Coronavirus case update Sept. 23
    Coronavirus case update Sept. 23

DSHS is aware that there is a problem with the new cases that were added to the total count on Sept. 21. For Gillespie County, there were 97 cases that were added to the total cases on the online dashboard. These were all old cases and should have been added to the recovered count. Instead, they were added to the Active Cases Count. This is a statewide issue. They are aware of the problem, but have not offered any projected time frame for having it resolved. 

Region 8 has identified a large number of electronically reported files in the Texas Health Trace (THT) system.  Some of these reports have been delayed due to issues with electronic reporting systems that have been identified and corrected by DSHS. 

Region 8 has reviewed the data in order to report accurate case counts. These cases have been reviewed to make sure that they are classified correctly, they are included in the appropriate county’s case counts, and duplicate reports have been removed.

These cases have already received public health follow-up through the DSHS contracted call center.  The majority of these cases are no longer considered active, meaning they are no longer thought to be able to spread COVID-19. 

This information is provided by Hill Country Memorial, the City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County.  The numbers reflected are from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Dashboard data and information provided by Hill Country Memorial on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.  In an effort to send out the most up to date and accurate information possible, this report will be sent out later in the day now that the dashboard data is updated between 4- 5 p.m. 

The number of COVID-19 cases is constantly changing. These entities are providing this information in addition to Texas Department of State Health Services data to help the community understand what is happening locally. Educating the community of the impact COVID-19 is a priority. 

The public can still access information on the DSHS website. DSHS is responsible for compiling and tracking COVID-19 data for all 254 counties in Texas. To view the site, visit

DSHS is now reporting COVID-19 fatality data based on death certificates. A fatality is counted as a COVID-19 fatality when the medical certifier attests on the death certificate that COVID-19 is a cause of death. This change means fatalities may be counted sooner and demographic data will be more comprehensive. Fatalities are reported by county of residence.