Nimitz Museum oral history collection featured in new series


An eight-part mini-series, “The Pacific War in Color” premieres at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) Sunday, June 24, on the Smithsonian Channel.

The series uses interviews with World War II veterans collected by a group of volunteer oral historians for the National Museum of the Pacific War.

The collection contains close to 5,000 interviews that have been recorded since 1988.

“I have become very familiar with the personal side of the war and I am anxious for viewers to come to know some of the stories and experiences that I have learned during my time at the museum and to have that be visually enhanced,” said Chris McDougal, museum archivist and historian.

In each episode of “The Pacific War in Color,” viewers hear unvarnished first-hand accounts from the men and women who lived it, revealing their humor, fear and courage as they confront the limits of the human experience.

“I think these are important stories to share because sometimes an overview of the war is all people might know and there are an untold number of stories about those who served,” McDougal said. “From my perspective, it is equally important to not only be familiar with basic facts and events but to also know what it was like to be there and who better to describe it than those who served.”

Episodes are as follows:

•  An Ocean Apart - July 1: The story reveals some of the first color images of the locations that the Pacific War will make infamous such as Midway, Wake Island and Guam.

Viewers will relive the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor through the only known color footage filmed by sailor Clyde Daughtry.


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