• Second and third grade students at Fredericksburg Elementary School combined for 26 awards at the District 28-4A UIL Championships on Feb. 4. Pictured are, first row, from left, Jace Helfrich, Nolan Smith, Rose Bailey, Robert Schonaerts and Lila Aldrich; second row, Jaren Quay, Gema Thiele and John Lutz; third row, Izzy Reeh, Kolt Klaerner, Liam Mc- Donald, Connor McDonald, Truitt Stuewe and Karley Luciano; fourth row, Ammal Aysheh, Lorelai Martinez, Rylie Schmidt, Jayecee Treibs and Anabella Sione.
  • Fredericksburg Elementary School fourth graders brought home 24 awards from the District 28-4A UIL Championships. Winners included, front row, from left, Neftaly Antunez, Sophia Lutz, Gabriella Sifford, Annie Boyd and Libby Culpepper; second row, Madi Seelig, Mackenzie Weirich, Audrey Mc- Farlane, Paige Kuhlmann, Noah Matthes and Holt Herber; third row, Addison Hahn, Ava Stuewe, Gus Barron, Madison Wright and Jesus Martinez. — Standard-Radio Post/McKenzie Wedel
  • Fifth graders at Fredericksburg Elementary School won 33 awards during the UIL Championships for District 28-4A. First row, from left, Cecilia Yurkanin, Kamdin Trinkle, Reid Nevins, Mark DiCuffa, Matthew Holt and Ricky Boyd; second row, Madi Casbeer, Taylor Sublett, Leslie Neri, Katie Van Epps, Bryan McLaughlin and Alisha Wille; third row, Eleanor Burns, Jaycie Constantine, Mattie Pehl, Robbie Griffin, Elizabeth Dobbins and Julia Cleland.

FES finishes first overall at district UIL competition

Fredericksburg Elementary School finished first overall at the District 28-4A University Interscholastic League Academic Meet on Feb. 4.

Held at the Fredericksburg Elementary School, students competed in 12 different events.

In the overall standings, FES was first with 676 points followed by Hondo in second with 328 points and Alkek (Bandera) in third with 242 points.

Following are the FES placings for the various grade levels:



Creative Writing – coached by Sarah Howard — 2. Connor McDonald; 3. Gema Thiele; 4. Nolan Smith; Best alternate - Lila Matthes.

Storytelling – coached by Jessie DeYoung — 2. Rose Bailey. 5. John Lutz.

Music Memory – coached by Jennifer Hallford — (tie) 1. Truitt Stuewe. 1. Lila Aldrich. 1. Jace Helfrich. Best alternate - Garryn Pittman.

Chess puzzle – coached by Jill  Cole — 1. Liam McDonald; 5. Kolt Klaerner; Best alternate - Robert Schonaerts.



Chess Puzzle – coached by Jill Cole — 2. Milo Moore; 5. Jaren Quay; Best alternate - Mila Perez.

Music Memory – coached by Jennifer Hallford — (tie) 1. Izzy Reeh; 1. Rylan Facer; 1. Rory Bedford; Best alternate - Ilyann Javier.

Ready Writing – coached by Julie Sifford — 1. Karley Luciano; 4. Rylie Schmidt; 6. Annabella Sione.

Storytelling – coached by Paulette Petersen — 3. Lorelai Martinez; 6. Jayecee Treibs.

Spelling – coached by Sarah Clark — 6. Ammal Aysheh.




Art Smart – coached by Camille Cohn — 4. Neftaly Antunez; 5. Jesus Martinez.

Music Memory – coached by Jennifer Hallford — (tie) 1. Annie Boyd; 1. Madison Wright; 3. Gabriella Sifford; Best alternate - Holt Herber.

Oral Reading – coached by Karyn Swink — 1. Ava Stuewe; 2. Sophia Lutz; Best alternate - Mackenzie Weirich.

Number Sense – coached by Danni Vinyard — 1. Madison Wright; 2. Reese Sagebiel; 3. Paige Kuhlmann; Best alternate - Holt Herber.

Ready Writing – coached by Julie Sifford — 1. Sophia Lutz; 3. George Stenberg; 4. Madison Wright; Best alternate - Gabriella Sifford.

Spelling – coached by Brandi Nickels — 4. Libby Culpepper; 5. Madi Seelig; Best alternate - Addison Hahn.

Dictionary Skills – coached by Scott May — 1. Noah Jahnke-Matthes; 2. Gus Barron; 4. Gabriella Sifford; Best alternate - Audrey McFarlane.



Dictionary Skills – coached by Scott May — 3. Kamdin Trinkle; 4. Reid Nevins; 5. Cecilia Yurkanin.

Chess puzzle – coached by Scott May  — 1. Matthew Holt; 4. Jaycie Constantine; Best alternate - Annie Boyd.

Art Smart – coached by Camille Cohn — 6. Mattie Pehl.

Listening – coached by Mike Langford — 1. Weston Herber; 2. Robbie Griffin; 6. Cecilia Yurkanin; Best alternate - Kamdin Trinkle.

Maps, Graphs, Charts – coached by Lisa Toepperwein — 3. Eleanor Burns; 4. Bryan McLaughlin.

Music Memory – coached by Jennifer Hallford — 1. Julia Cleland; 2. Madi Casbeer; 3. Weston Herber; Best alternate - Mark DiCuffa.

Number Sense – coached by Danni Vinyard — 1. Reid Nevins; 2. Weston Herber; 3. Ricky Boyd.

Ready Writing – coached by Abban Lastovica — 2. Julia Cleland; 3. Alisha Wille; 5. Katie Van Epps; Best alternate - Elizabeth Dobbins.

Social Studies – coached by Abban Lastovica — 1. Reid Nevins; 2. Matthew Holt; 3. Mark DiCuffa; Best alternate - Weston Herber.

Spelling – coached by Paulette Petersen — 1. Alisha Wille; 2. Taylor Sublett; 3. Julia Cleland.

Oral Reading – coached by Josh O’Brien — 4. Leslie Neri; 5. Taylor Sublett.

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