Texas hits a dubious #1 ranking


We have the highest number of uninsured population


In another area of the state’s healthcare discussion, the latest U.S. Census Bureau data indicates that Texas has the highest number and percentage of uninsured residents.

As mentioned above, this causes more strain on local emergency rooms and the higher costs for both hospitals and taxpayers footing the bills.

Yet Texas continues to attack the only safeguard that actually resulted in a boost to insurance rolls. Our über-partisan Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing to overturn the Affordable Care Act in its entirety, giving the state’s indigent population fewer options. Most recently, Paxton has focused on the ACA protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions.
The San Antonio Express-News noted that Texas has 4.8 million uninsured residents, which is 931,000 fewer than in 2013. Yet, last year under the new administration, the state saw an uptick in uninsured by 300,000 more people.
The ACA has issues that need to be addressed, as did Social Security when it began and Medicaid when it began. But imagine suing to get rid of those programs. 

So, our uninsured continue to have few options and head to the E.R. for minor ailments. 
Texas should aspire to rank first in states with insured residents, yet another marker for our great state. – K.E.C.