Things will get better. Yes, we know this

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McKenzie Moellering

Today marks three years since 2020 began, and who knows if it will ever end. I don’t have to say it, but since March, things have been the furthest from normal.

We have had shutdowns, closures, cancelations and quarantines.

We wear masks at the grocery store and when in other public places.

Travel is limited but finding new hobbies is abundant.

Columnist Stephanie Hayes of the Tampa Bay Times said her neighbor even started cleaning her mailbox. Who knew you were supposed to clean your mailbox?

Reese’s peanut butter cups now include pretzels, because as their marketing slogan says “The hell with it. It’s 2020.”

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This weekend on Saturday Night Live, long-time veteran Kate McKinnon broke the fourth wall, a performance convention in which an invisible and imagined wall separates the actors from the audience.

While the audience can see through this wall, the convention assumes that the actors cannot.

During her skit, McKinnon plays Dr. Wayne Wenowdis, (pronounced We-Know-This) on the segment “Weekend Update.”

The purpose of the character was to give an opinion on President Trump’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis.

Near the end of the skit, McKinnon insists on taking host Colin Jost’s blood pressure. After about 30 seconds, Jost asks if McKinnon is OK, as both are laughing uncontrollably.

McKinnon states that she is not okay and turns to the camera, breaking character, saying “I’m sorry, you guys … It’s such a crazy time.”

McKinnon couldn’t be more right. It is a crazy time and we don’t know what is going to happen next.

We don’t know who is going to win the election or when the pandemic will be over. But as McKinnon says at the end of her skit, we can figure things out and we can do this.

Yes, we do know this.

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In the sports world, things are continuing to move forward but not without a fair share of adversity.

The NBA season came to a close on Sunday night with the Los Angeles Lakers taking home the championship for the first time since 2010.

The Houston Astros have made another round of the playoffs, without cheating so far (too soon?), alongside the Tampa Bay Rays, the Atlanta Braves and the other blue team from Los Angeles.

As an avid Colorado Rockies fan, I am rooting for anyone but the stinking Dodgers.

The NFL has seen cancelations and postponed games due to COVID-19 cases and too many injuries to count, including Denver Broncos star Von Miller, Carolina Panthers star running back Christian McCaffery and most recently, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott.

But the league also saw its first game with three females on the field. 

Two weeks ago, Sarah Thomas, Jennifer King and Callie Brownson stepped on to the football field as coaches and game officials.

This season has showed us that in a league dominated by men and money, females are breaking barriers and setting examples for young girls everywhere. And that no matter what injuries a team may face, there is always a way to win.

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As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, our bookkeeper at the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, Nathan Crenwelge, announced his retirement. After this week, Nathan will no longer be in charge of keeping the books together and making sure we have properly cashed out at the end of the day.

He won’t be checking our pay reports, keeping track of everyone’s hours worked.

While I haven’t worked with Nathan for his entire 40-plus-year career, I have learned so much from him.

Nathan is someone who will fight for what is right and will fight to make sure everyone is treated fairly. He is honest and kind.

Every day, Sherrie, Yvonne and I eat lunch at the same time as Nathan. Every day at lunch, we barely get a word in as we listen to Nathan talk and talk.

Lately, conversations have revolved around hog hunting with his soon-to-be wife, stories about his grandkids and how excited he is about his new pickup truck.

Nathan and I have a special relationship as we can give each other flack, to make the mood light when things are stressful and tense. I call him Mason, as when people talk to him on the phone, they think his name is Mason rather than Nathan.

People also like to fill the change jar in the breakroom with odd amounts of change, keeping him on his toes. If one penny is missing, Nathan is going to do whatever it takes to find it.

Nathan and his late wife, Heidi, shared a passion for travel. They would log onto the airline websites, find a location with cheap fares and travel to somewhere new.

It allowed them to see new places, spend time together and get out of their comfort zone. That simple example he set, is something that I really admire and look up to.

I hope that someday my husband, Seth, and I can do the same thing. Get out of our comfort zone and see the world.

The Standard-Radio Post is going to miss Nathan, his attention to detail and his ability to stand up when things aren’t right.

We are all excited for what comes next, including new adventures with his new wife, Alice, and his trips back to the Standard-Radio Post to throw paper routes.

– mm –


While 2020 seems to have dragged on, we have seen so much good. We have grown, we have overcome and experienced history.

And things will get better. Yes, we know this.