There is opportunity in failure of park bond

Last week, the citizens and taxpayers of Fredericksburg had their voices heard with the majority of them voting against the city’s $12.6 million sports complex. Not surprisingly, the final tally was relatively close and the issues and concerns on both sides are real and compelling.

If you read last week’s Fredericksburg Standard, you only heard one side of the story. As you know from the paper and social media, I was against the bond. But like so much in the media, there is a lot of misinformation.

We all want more playing areas for our children, but I felt the $12.6-million bond was too expensive and not the city’s highest priority at this time. Any construction project should also consider and incorporate the needs of the entire community, including our seniors. What started out as a need for more soccer and baseball fields turned into a bloated sports complex.

We have the opportunity to get it right now, and listen to all of our residents.

Did you know that Boerne and Kerrville have Sports Complexes and neither used bond indebtedness to fund them? We should learn from them.

Has this paper considered using some ink on exploring those case studies, to the benefit of this project and our taxpayers?

Also, residents of Gillespie County have been working with the City on a long term Visioning Project with many good ideas and priorities being discussed. Shouldn’t this have been completed first before rushing into a large bond vote that only addresses one area of need in our community?

The city recently purchased the property, before the bond election, and if we really want to help the children in Fredericksburg immediately we can start building soccer and baseball fields now on those 42 acres using the sports complex design as a guide and goal.

Our children’s future is not just about having a sports park. It’s about affordable housing, it’s about local wellpaying jobs, it’s about safety and congestion on Main Street, it’s about keeping our cost of living affordable and about teaching them fiscal responsibility.

As your State Representative, I represent ALL of the people in my district, not just those with the loudest voices.

I believe the park bond being voted down is a tremendous opportunity for Fredericksburg. Now we have the chance to do it better, smarter and together and for all of our citizens and to also consider improvements and the maintenance to our existing parks and recreational areas.

The Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club helped build the skate park by raising the funds, working with the city regarding the land, and making very smart decisions regarding the cost of materials and contracting. They are also working to help build basketball courts the same way, the smart way, the responsible way.

Similarly, let’s work together as a community and minimize the tax impact on our seniors, working families, small business owners and all of our taxpayers!

We should be using the resources of the city, county, school district, local businesses and organizations, grants and other funding.

The future of Fredericksburg is bright. I am excited to see what we can accomplish by working together!

I invite all in the community who would like to be involved to call me on my cell at (830) 998-7111.

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