Signs of fall are in the air, along the roads

Autumn arrives two weeks from tomorrow — Thursday, Sept. 22, and with the bountiful rains that have been falling the past few weeks, it’s evident that a tinge of fall is in the air.

Monday evening, while out feeding the chickens, I watched a Monarch butterfly fluttering his way around the barnyard. Perhaps he was a scout, checking out the lay of the land before returning with his “butterfly family.”

Mornings, while driving to work, the mountain tops in the Doss Valley are hidden in the fog, and several times while driving down the highway, I have suddenly hit a pocket of fog and feel like I’ve driven into a bed sheet hanging on a clothes line.

Farmers are out plowing fields, and I’ve seen several out there with their grain drills, seeding oats and wheat for autumn and winter grazing.

Ranchers are already rounding up their goats and cattle, getting their herds ready for the upcoming fall and winter months when feeding will become a daily chore.

But fortunately, this year, we’ve had enough rain to keep grass growing. So, things should be in good shape until the first frost arrives in late November. Several years ago, my dad was already feeding the cattle by this time.

One weather report the other night said we will have wetter than normal conditions in the coming weeks, while the next channel said warmer and drier. Which one do we believe?

Fortunately, the high pressure dome that has had a grip on this part of the state has moved aside and is allowing clouds to move in, and along with that, increased chances of rain.

I’m not one to believe in “old wives’ tales,” but every year it seems that I hear the old-timers say that if the first cool front of the season brings rain, then a wet autumn will be in store. So, are we on track for more rain in the coming months?


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