New year gives 525,600 minutes to improve self


Plenty of ways to start year off right in the 'Burg


525,600 minutes. That’s how many exist in a single year. There’s no way around time, it’s circular. Maybe that’s why the clock is in a circular shape.

So here we go. Typical philosophical millennial talking about “new year, new me” and “this will be MY year.”

Year after year, we hear the same New Year’s resolutions, but by February most of those goals have vanished like the smoke from New Year’s fireworks.

Millennials, and other generations, all make resolutions to improve themselves every New Year. The only way is up! But where’s a good place to start? Fredericksburg, of course.

Here’s a short list that I put together over the weekend with the help of my peers, friends and family members. It’s a culmination of the resolutions for persons ranging from elementary school to retirement age. I have cut down the clutter to the top 10 resolutions for the New Year.

In 2017, I hope to:

Be kinder: Interaction is key to working on your kindness and meeting strangers is a perfect way to practice being kind. Good thing Fredericksburg has a lot of tourists and strangers on the weekend. A few places to practice your new-found kindness would be at H-E-B, Marktplatz or any of the various shops located on Main Street.

Eat healthier: This is a typical choice for New Year’s resolutions, but it’s important. A healthy diet can improve your body, mind and overall well-being. Some spots around town to get started with healthy eating would be to talk with a nutritionist at the Hill Country Memorial Wellness Center or visit the Peach Basket.

Work out: Another obvious choice. This one can be done by doing walks around Cross Mountain Park or Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, exercising at the Hill Country Memorial Wellness Center or by renting a bike at one of the town’s bike shops. (Josh at Jack & Adam’s Bicycles of Fredericksburg is always a good choice.)

Improve happiness: This is a deep down change that individuals have to make on their own, but luckily there’s a few places around town that might be a good start. Inter-personal happiness may be reached by finding God at one of the many churches around town or by simply ditching the technology and driving down a long country road.

Spend more time with friends/family: Fredericksburg is a destination for good times and that includes events to enjoy together. A good start would be attending an annual festival, show or concert. Attending events with loved ones is always a strong choice.

Deal with stress better: The Hill Country is known for its serenity and calmness. Destress by enjoying a Texas sunset, hike Enchanted Rock or simply sit back and listen to music in Luckenbach. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but Fredericksburg should give you a good start to handling stress.

De-clutter: I’m on this same boat — there are a lot of things I need to get rid of. Luckily, this town has a multitude of places for donations. A good beginning is the Hill Country Community Needs Council, the Fredericksburg Food Pantry or a local thrift store.

Find a new hobby: There are almost too many choices for this one. Whether you want to quilt, shoot guns, fly fish, make model airplanes or paint, there’s a local club for you. A starting point would be looking for an upcoming club meeting in the latest issue of the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post.

Learn a language: This one isn’t easy and will take some work, but there’s plenty of opportunity to practice new languages around town. For those looking to learn Spanish or German, just ask around to find a fluent speaker and see if you can converse with them. For other languages, ask the bartenders and waiters. They very well may know where a group of traveling tourists may be. Just wander and don’t be an Ausländer. Fredericksburg has too much Willkommen for that.

Volunteer: For those who’ve got some spare time and would like to volunteer, try talking to a local church, one of the three Fredericksburg Rotary Clubs or even one of the places you visited to de-clutter your life.

A new year has begun and with it brings new opportunities. Make sure to make the most of your 525,600 minutes this year and get involved with Fredericksburg.