The Grouch Crowd

I made a T-shirt today that read “Proud member of the Grouch Crowd” to wear to town when I go shopping.

The editor’s disdain for the seniors, “those that played in the dirt more than half a century ago,” is sorely misplaced when it comes to voting in elections. The last elections I voted in had mostly “Grouch Crowd” folks voting with very few youngsters under the age of 60 voting. To say that “we don’t care if we are out a few dollars each month” is wrong. Ask any grandparent about their grandkids and see the response no matter where they live.

Had the folks like me who live in the county been allowed to vote, the outcome might have been different. We were not allowed to vote, which was wrong, even though we were contributing $2 million to the sports park.

The editor should be directing his apathy for voting at the younger generation, ages 21-50, that are asking for this facility, yet very rarely show up at the polls for elections. It is just not in their daily schedule. If they really wanted the sports park, it was as simple as putting an “X” in the “yes” box.

Carl Petmecky, Fredericksburg


Analyzing results

Why ascribe motives to individuals who voted no on the sports park bond? They are not “meanies” who want to deny kids recreational opportunities. They are just people who do not feel this type of expenditure, at this time in their lives, is warranted. Voters usually vote their pocketbooks.

If you haven’t already noticed, we are fast becoming another Aspen. City council needs to find way to attract some industry if we want to attract more than hourly paid jobs. And this is not to denigrate hourly workers — they are certainly the lifeblood of Fredericksburg.

Along with initial costs for the sports park, will there be cost overruns?

What other towns the size of Fredericksburg have comparable venues? Kerrville and Boerne are quite a bit larger.

It’s no secret home ownership and rental costs drive many people to work here but live in other towns. Raising taxes on rental properties will cause rents to increase.

Have we noticed that many stores either go out of business or relocate out of the “magic” blocks to help their bottom line?

Along with many vineyards, can we water all these sports fields without causing homeowners further water problems? They now can water once a week.

Can the county provide quality services by contributing $2.3 million? Rains have wreaked havoc with roads and bridges.

Do we expect the number of kids using these facilities to grow or lessen? As they grow older, will kids maintain their interest in sports or gravitate toward other interests?

There are many questions voters must consider when voting for expensive bond propositions.

Perhaps the land the city already purchased would be best put to use to entice businesses looking at future airport expansion. The council should ask themselves if this is the best and highest use of the land.

Wayne Zimmerman, Fredericksburg resident since 1946


Oppose outer relief routes

In the last couple of weeks there have been articles in our newspaper about the 1,250 bicycle riders from 28 states who took to the roads of the Hill Country, about the wildflower enthusiasts who came to head for the hills and about car and motorcycle clubs who come to cruise through our beautiful countryside.

This type of activity goes on all year. All of these visitors are a boon to the city of Fredericksburg as they stay in the local hotels, eat at the many fine restaurants and shop in our stores.

City Council has rightly and justly opposed the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline because of its “negative effects on land values, natural resources, tourism and more.”

Since the proposed outer relief routes would have a much greater negative impact on the same items council has listed in the quote above, why have we seen no similar action opposing these routes?

Placing a bypass road of any size where the outer routes are proposed would scar our beautiful county even more than a cleared pipeline easement.

A road permanently restricts access to parts of properties, it is above ground where everyone can see it, it brings in traffic noises and it interrupts the scenic, winding roads that people come to enjoy.

It also places the burden of dealing with the downtown traffic problem not on the folks affected but on those who chose to live where no potential traffic problem existed.

Since there are currently two real threats to the beauty of our county, our county commissioners and the city council need to oppose the outer routes equally as much as they do the Kinder-Morgan route.

Linn and Beth Brady, Fredericksburg


PEO thanks

On behalf of the Fredericksburg Chapter IB, P.E.O., we would like to express our thanks to everyone who donated or purchased geraniums from our 18th annual geranium sale. Because of you, we were able to sell over 2,000 plants again this year.

If it wasn’t for our faithful supporters of the annual geranium sale, we would not be able to make the difference we do in the lives of local women, supporting their educational efforts through the numerous P.E.O. scholarship and grant programs.

Thank you for helping make a difference.

Jennifer Schneider, Chairperson, and all the sisters of Chapter IB



A letter submitted by Ross Petermann on illegal immigration and run in last week’s

Standard-Radio Post was mistakenly attributed to Art Hansen. Hansen’s letter follows:


‘Surgery’ needed

A recent editorial stated that 60 of the largest companies paid an average of -.5% effective tax rate. It was stated the corporate tax laws need a little “tweaking.”

I say there needs to be major surgery in D.C. Why? Because a cancer has metastasized throughout our government and main stream media.

Case 1 — Democratic House members threaten our President with impeachment and his family and business associates with subpoenas on a daily basis.

2 — Republicans in the Senate fail to do anything about illegal immigration because they are in bed with donors who don’t want changes.

3 — Courts and judges illegally block most every action the Trump administration tries to take to protect our borders.

4 — The DOJ and FBI use the secret FISA courts, counterterrorism laws and supercomputers to spy on our duly elected president to try and overturn the election.

We the people elected Donald Trump as the “doctor” needed to treat this cancer. He is only the second President in my lifetime who is truly trying to reverse this convoluted, corrupt system and stop the debt and immigration travesties being forced upon all.

• His 2017 tax law lowered taxes for all citizens — poor, middle class and rich. Because of the tax cuts the economy is humming at 3.2% GDP average for the last four quarters.

• He has eliminated harmful government regulations that had strangled businesses.

• Prices for durable goods are stable and wage growth is exceeding inflation. The result is more disposable income.

•U.S. blue-collar manufacturing is surging thanks to tariffs and trade deals.

I will finish with this: Years ago, God sent a shepherd from Midian named Moses to rescue the Israelites from the Egyptians. I pray that He has now sent a builder from Queens named Donald Trump to rescue us.

Art Hansen, Harper


EMS extra mile

I would like to commend the Fredericksburg Fire Department and EMS personnel, who responded to an accident on April 1 in which our friend, Jon Graff, Ph.D., from San Jose, California, was seriously injured by a pickup truck on U.S. 87 North.

Jon was flown to St. David’s Hospital South in Austin where he underwent major surgery and rehabilitation for over a month after the accident.

Recently when Jon returned to San Jose for rehab, he called to see if I could find his camera which was lost during the accident. I went to the site of the accident but did not find his camera. I called and the DPS officer investigating the accident gave me the names of David Young and Lori Seawald at the Fredericksburg Fire and EMS office. David checked with Romney Kowert, the EMS captain who answered the call.

Romney had Jon’s camera, which did not get onto the helicopter when Jon was transferred to Austin. Romney went back to the accident site to try to give the camera to Jon’s bicycle friends but they had left and he did not know how to find them. Five weeks after the accident, I went to the EMS office on Friendship Lane and retrieved Jon’s camera from Lori Seawald and have sent it to him.

He was so happy to learn his camera was safe and such good care had been taken of it by the Fredericksburg Fire and EMS personnel after his accident. Jon asked me to please express his gratitude to the EMS team that responded to his accident including: Capt. Romney Kowert, Michael Pressler, Amy Burrier and Fred Feuge.

Thanks, Fredericksburg Fire and EMS personnel. Job well done! You are the type of people who make it such a blessing to live in Fredericksburg!

David Wieting, Fredericksburg


Affordable housing

When will the City of Fredericksburg do something about the crisis in affordable housing?

In the latest issue of the newspaper, the Fredericksburg Independent School District is now discussing the need for a child care facility because of the lack of facilities and the high cost of child care. The article stated that the district is losing teachers because they cannot find nor afford care for their children. They are totally ignoring the need for housing that is affordable.

As noted above, child care is not the only thing driving teachers and health employees out of town in search of lower costs of living. Rent, child care and utilities are the major expenses for living in this community.

In my personal experience, I have attended meetings and seminars on affordable housing for four years and I understand that the city has been beating this horse for at least 20 years. What will it take to get the attention of the mayor and city council?

I fault not only the city council but the Chamber of Commerce. If the Chamber wanted affordable housing, it would happen almost immediately!

Wake up, Fredericksburg! We have a crisis that can be fixed.

Fred Witters, Fredericksburg


Wake up, Mayor

I overheard a conversation the other day at the grocery store that the mayor was really angry over the defeat of the sports park vote.

Wake up, Ms. Mayor. If every starter home that came on the market had a family in it instead of being turned into a B&B, you might’ve had those 35 votes you needed for your improvements.

John Propp, Fredericksburg


Tax factors

I’ve been reading the comments on the defeated bond election by our own Standard-Radio Post, mayor and others in the city “know.” I, also, was very surprised at the low turnout to this issue — 14.6% of registered city voters. My first thought is why weren’t the county residents able to vote?

The county did “kick in” to help and no numbers were posted as to the ratio of use by city and county. Before chastising the “citizens” entirely, let’s consider some of the information provided.

At last review, 52% of the homes in Fredericksburg are no longer owner occupied, but seemed to be for B&B or serve as vacation homes. What impact do these factors play in property values? Who wants higher taxes? Especially retired people on fixed income.

Let’s consider what the “vision of Fredericksburg” deals with: more development for who? Doesn’t seem for the everyone, but to bring in more businesses. Don’t these raise property values? What exactly is our city government doing to guide these city values?

Who will bear the cost of the maintenance of the sports facilities and what will it be? Previous decisions on the golf course and attempt to go to one pool, Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, didn’t exactly provide confidence in city oversight, did it?

Personally, I’d rather see kids on a field than out on the streets, and giving our police staff more work. Have any of you seen the FPD stats? Arrests for public intoxication and drugs seem to have gone up.

We are getting a great “rep” as a city to party in, have a good time, then leave. The more that I read the comments from our CVB, seems to all be “pie-inthe sky” stuff.

So, “Embarrassing and Pathetic” … maybe … BUT WHY?

Jerry Smith, Fredericksburg


Year after Santa Fe

The one-year anniversary of the Santa Fe High School shooting is in a few days and in the past two weeks, there were two school shootings where three brave young students gave their lives trying to save others. It shouldn’t be this way. Why is this allowed to happen?

Instead of arming teachers, which is something that most teachers don’t want, why not implement physical security upgrades to prevent access to schools and classrooms through access control and internal door locks?

Have advance planning for emergencies, so staff can immediately lock down schools and law enforcement can respond quickly. The Federal Emergency Management Agency maintains a six-point guide.

Establish safe and equitable schools, which involve building effective partnerships between staff and students and considering utilizing a community school model.

The state could pass Red Flag laws that empower family members and law enforcement to temporarily prevent access to firearms by students who are shown to be a threat to themselves or their schools.

There are often warning signs. In 93% of cases, there were behavioral warning signs that caused others to be concerned, and in 81% of incidents, other people, most often peers, had knowledge about the shooter’s plans.

Pass responsible firearm storage laws to address the most common source of guns used in school gun violence, raising the age to purchase semiautomatic firearms to 21 to prevent minors from easily getting their hand on guns, requiring background checks on all gun sales so people who exhibiting warning signs, minors, and people with dangerous histories can’t evade our gun laws and get their hands on guns.

We all want to see gun violence ended. Let your elected officials at the state and federal level know that you want laws that will keep us and our kids safe.

Deborah Hill Russell, Fredericksburg


Not ‘equality’

One of the top priorities of the Democrat led U.S. House is the “Equality Act.” However, the policies contained within this bill (HR5) would create greater inequality, hurting women and individuals of faith.

Equality cannot be created for one group by taking rights away from another. This bill targets people of religious faith, erodes protections for women, and would take children away from parents who refuse radical hormone therapies.

It would force schools (both public and private), churches, hospitals, businesses and other institutions to recognize an individual’s “chosen gender” instead of their “biological sex.” In cases where parents have objected to their young children receiving drastic, lifealtering procedures to change their biological sex, medical facilities have worked with the courts to have children taken away from their parents.

Parents should not be afraid to seek medical care for a child because they are helpless to prevent a physician from subjecting their child to an unproven, radical, and medically unnecessary procedure.

Businesses with 15 or more employees would be forced to provide medical insurance for “gender transitions,” use preferred pronouns or face litigation, and open any single-sex space to both sexes, including bathrooms and locker rooms.

It would also crowd women out of female athletics, diminishing their access to education and further opportunities.

This bill would also limit the free exercise of religion attacking individuals, charities, and businesses by forcing them to give up traditional norms regarding gender and marriage and recognize all forms of sexual orientation.

Clearly, the so-called “Equality Act” creates inequality for so many. The individuals who wrote it obviously did not think about, or care about, the repercussions it would have on women, girls, religious individuals and institutions, and those suffering with gender dysphoria. Its focus is on adherence to liberal dogma.

Annette Bennett, Fredericksburg

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