Not all growth is good

My husband and I moved here over 44 years ago in 1976. We knew that this was a conservative Christian community and we were attracted to it for many reasons — clean, quiet, safe — a wonderful place to raise a family.

We were careful to respect our new community by honoring their beliefs, their traditions, and their customs. We did not have the right to change what had been so carefully built up and nurtured for decades. This heritage is exactly what made Fredericksburg so wonderful.

Many newcomers simply don’t understand. And we are in grave danger of losing the Fredericksburg we love.

Over the years we’ve seen many changes and not all change is good, or to be more specific, not all GROWTH is good. Fredericksburg’s “vision” as portrayed

Fredericksburg’s “vision” as portrayed by the recent leadership isn’t necessarily what the citizens want and needs to be re-evaluated. If people want to keep this town a safe place for families instead of an adult amusement park, then they need to rise up and protect it now.

The relief route as proposed by TxDOT will destroy our community as we know it. Moneyed interests and developers would like to hijack our community by pushing for a huge interstate highway on the outskirts of our town. This would forever change all of Gillespie County.

Here’s a call to action for all the people who have been here for years and enjoyed the benefits of old Fredericksburg: Get involved. Be a leader. Run for local office. Don’t let developers and people who don’t understand Fredericksburg destroy it.

Sign the petition to STOP the TxDOT Relief Route. You can find the petition in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post and online at www.ipetitions.com/petition/StoptheBypass.

And tell all your friends and neighbors to please do their part, too. Let your voices be heard.

Nicole Kroeger


High-speed bypass

The TxDOT plan for an eight-lane, 70 mph bypass around our lovely little burg is an outrage! There is already an interstate highway only 22 miles south of us, why do we need a bypass of the same size at the edge of town?

The proposed speedway is approximately 8.5 miles long and 350-400 feet wide. That is a 360- to 412-acre strip of 70 mph traffic roaring through our neighborhoods.

Once that behemoth is built, the farmland at the edge of town will quickly fill up with truck stops catering to the oil field traffic. Our taxes will soar to pay for it.

We have other options. We just need to get TxDOT and their interstate-sized solution out of our backyard.

If you care about our countryside, our neighborhoods or your taxes, let our city and county management know. Together we can stop TxDOT and find a reasonable and local solution.

Paula Stone, owner

Gilbriar Gazebo


Was President Trump truly impeached by the Democrat-controlled House for Abuse of Power and Obstructing Congress or is the impeachment a smoke screen for something else?

The Democrats are claiming abuse and obstruction by the president in order to satisfy their liberal base but money and greed are the real reasons we have been subjected to this phony Impeachment.

Have you ever wondered how the typical politician can be elected to a job that pays $174,000 a year and in a few short years become a multi-millionaire?

Every year over $1 trillion dollars in tax money flows into the Washington, D.C. policy makers’ piggy bank. President Trump is a threat to the corrupt political system called “crony capitalism,” which is used to divide portions of this tax money among most of our elected officials.

Example: Mike Rogers was a multiterm Congressman who had worked his way up to Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in 2011.

About the same time, his wife, Kristi Rogers, a mid-level administrative government employee, accepted a job with security contractor Aegis Defense Services. In a few short years, she was promoted to CEO, personally responsible for nearly $10 billion in government contracts being awarded to Aegis.

In 2015, Mike Rogers resigned from Congress and his wife retired from Aegis shortly thereafter with a retirement package worth millions of dollars.

Mike Rogers’ story of crony capitalism is duplicated hundreds of times each year in hundreds of different ways by both Democrat and Republican elected officials.

President Trump has promised to drain the swamp and end crony capitalism. That is why they want him removed from office and when they are not successful will attempt to handcuff his every move until 2024.

God Bless President Trump and keep him safe.

Art Hansen


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