• Since April 2017, Freder-icksburg Realty has been owned and operated by Louisiana native Justin Cop. He and his team of 11 realtors specialize in home and land sales in the Hill Country. Pictured front row, from left, Peggy Nixon Cox, Realtor; Krista M. Bennett, Realtor, GRI; Kari Bock, Realtor; Ginny Steh-ling, Realtor and Randy Bouley, Realtor. Back row from left, Aaron W. Bee-man, Realtor, RSPS, PSA, SRS and ABR; Sissy duPerior, Realtor; Bob Surma, Realtor, CRS, GRI and SRES; Justin Cop, Owner, Broker and GRI; Keely Corona, Realtor and office manager and Caleb Hail, Realtor and GRI. —Submitted photo

Real Estate group sees bright future

Agency launches new site to improve user experience

Growing up in small town Louisiana, Justin Cop, local owner and broker of Fredericksburg Realty, always knew he wanted to raise his kids in a similar environment.

So Cop uprooted his family in 2010 and moved to the Hill Country, where his parents now reside and he had grown up visiting.

In April 2017, the opportunity to purchase Fredericksburg Realty came up.

“Working in real estate for several clients on the land side and selling ranches, I knew I wanted to stay in this business,” he said. I saw the opportunity and took it.”


Positive growth

Due to the steady growth in the Hill Country, Cop and his wife, Amy, knew that Fredericksburg would provide buyers and sellers with the perfect market.

“The Hill Country as a whole has positive growth, and Fredericksburg is getting higher values than its nearest neighbors in Kerrville or Comfort,” Justin said.

Because of the continued growth, buyers are looking to invest in Fredericksburg, Cop said.

“There is a lot of investment in Fredericksburg,” he said. “People are not only buying second homes but investment properties. I think people still like the way things are kept small. No big industry growth, but it has that small-town feel.”

He adds that people see the growth and difference in Fredericksburg from other small towns and they see that their investment goes back in the small-town lifestyle.


Many buyers are sold on Fredericksburg before they even find the perfect property, Cop said.  

“We show them Main Street or take them to a local restaurant, winery and they fall in love, if they weren’t already,” he said. “There are no hard sells. They know and are aware and want to be here. I don’t have to drive it home. They feel it when they arrive.”

Justin specializes in selling land and ranches and believes the Hill Country is the perfect match for buyers.

“Walking onto land, you can see people’s dreams,” he said. “Showing people subtle things, whether a change in elevation, the wildlife or even the way a gate is operated, and people just get excited.”

While the land may look the same, what buyers do with it can be rewarding and fulfilling.

“When you can show someone a piece of property, and you see the glow in their eyes, that is rewarding,” Justin said. “It’s so fulfilling.”

Justin is well-versed in land and ranch sales but leverages the strength of his team of agents for more traditional residential or commercial transactions.  

“This team is so experienced and so knowledgeable, I lean on them for support on the residential and commercial side of this business,” he said.


New look

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the agency released its new and improved website.

Amy says the new site is sleeker and cleaner.

 “We wanted the new site to provide a good user experience for real estate searches, and it also contains a lot of information people can use to learn about the process of buying or selling a home, the many complexities of owning a ranch, or about our team of agents and their listings,” she said.

The site offers some video and large photos of featured properties and has been optimized for mobile devices.

“So many people are using mobile phones or devices to look for property and our new site is fully mobile enabled,” Amy said. “People certainly still use desktop computers, but trends indicate that more people are now looking for properties on mobile devices, and we wanted to be sure we could provide a good experience for people regardless of the device they are on.”

The site now features information on homes and ranches, as well as information on aquifers, water and maintaining land.

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