Educating young golfers


Junior Golf Foundation making sport available to all


The Junior Golf Foundation purchased Short Golf equipment and games, and is currently working with local primary and elementary schools, such as Fredericksburg Elementary, Heritage, St. Mary’s, Ambleside, and Stonewall, to implement golf as part of the regular P.E. curriculum.

These efforts are ongoing and local PGA professionals are meeting with P.E. teachers to educate them on how to teach golf to students.

On Feb. 5, instructors from Boot Ranch visited with Stonewall Elementary students and teachers.

“The event was a success, as some of these children have never had the opportunity to touch a club before,” said a spokesperson for the event.

The PGA instructors from Boot Ranch were Alex Rhyne (PGA), Ember Holloway, Rob Broadhead, Dylan O’Connor and Jake Yarborough, and supervised by Coach David Perez.

Chris Meade, PGA (Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course) and Ember Holloway (Boot Ranch), with support from coaches Bruce Stafford, Jennifer McBee and Michael McBee taught golf at Fredericksburg Middle School on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

Weather forced the day’s activities indoors.

Lastly, on Wednesday, Feb. 12, instructors from Boot Ranch — Rhyne, Holloway, Broadhead and O’Connor — went to Fredericksburg Primary School.

The Junior Golf Foundation of Fredericksburg, formerly known as Friends of Lady Bird (FOLB), is a non-profit volunteer organization which works to introduce and support the game of golf to children in the area.

One of the programs offered by the foundation is the free clinics taught by PGA professionals from Lady Bird Johnson Gold Course and Boot Ranch. In addition, the foundation strives to remove cost barriers by providing golf equipment, instructional games, and expanded competition opportunities for all juniors, ages 8-15.