Courts to be constructed at Old Fair Park


Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club has partnered with the City of Fredericksburg to build two fullsized, side by side, covered basketball courts at Old Fair Park.

The completed structure will be a covered 16,800-square-foot facility that can also be configured for indoor soccer practices and games.

The facility will also include restrooms and water stations with lighting and security cameras.

Rotary members Jeff Bouwman, Justin Hill and Ruben Bairfield had the vision of the courts that set the plan into motion.

“Five years ago, the city agreed to let us fundraise and build the skate park, so we thought that space next to the skate park would be perfect to build a covered basketball court,” club member Sarah Eckert said.

Fundraising began in early 2016, and in cooperation with the Rotary Club’s goal, the City of Fredericksburg granted the club the property to build the courts.

Fundraising had just begun when George and Mariana Sanchez reached out to the Rotary Club offering their assistance in the construction process.

“This is a place that is so accessible to the kids in town,” George said. “We were going to build it on some property that we had, but when I heard about what Rotary wanted to do at Old Fair Park, it was just perfect.”

With the help of the Sanchez family, the Rotary Club hired the company run by Hector Landin to begin construction.

Landin refined the basic plan and worked with the city to meet all of the required specifications.

“This is a terrific example of how we can raise funds privately for needed facilities in our town, and then turn them over to the city for day-to-day operations,” said Marc Bennett, Morning Rotary board member. “I hope this will be an ongoing process of a private/public relationship to build the facilities that our youth need in this community.”

After a year of planning, the Rotary Club, the City of Fredericksburg and construction company officials broke ground on Tuesday, June 11.