With Alzheimer’s patients, faith can soothe the soul


When our bodies start to slow down and betray our minds, our spirit is still strong.

We are more than just our physical body. Our mind is something that is eternal. No disease can steal that, not even Alzheimer’s or dementia.

When someone is raised in a religious home, they are uplifted by worship services and pastoral visits. I have seen the power of prayer do so much more than our modern medicines.

The spirit always responds to music or words from the Bible. They may have a hard time attending regular services, but visits by pastors, Christian television shows or services provided by local churches in the home, always have an impact.

It can be difficult to attend social situations because of the behavior of your loved one, but that interaction is needed.

Deciding when it is no longer possible is difficult, and the decision can be assisted by your local physician or family members. Usually, family members, friends, as well as pastors, have been making suggestions for months about the health of the caregiver, and the person being cared for.

When it is no longer an option to care for a loved one at home, consider placing them in a skilled nursing home, assisted living facility or obtaining a full-time sitter.

Some things to remember with seniors:

• Engage in short prayers or inspirational stories lasting less than five minutes.

• Use older translations, encourage interaction. Ask for their viewpoints.

• Stay attuned to their point of view. This is especially important in a setting other than home. If you are not aware of their religious beliefs, be careful not to offend.

• Create an atmosphere of trust and joy.

• Use music! Traditional songs, old hymns are always well-received. The modern songs are great, but they are not what seniors grew up with and respond to.

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