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Wright is ‘finalist’ at Hays CISD

Superintendent likely to lead 20,000-student district; Williamson will step in as interim


Dr. Eric Wright, superintendent of the Fredericksburg Independent School District, was named by the Hays Consolidated ISD board of trustees as the lone finalist for superintendent of schools.

Wright, who has been with FISD since 2014, has held a career in education for over 28 years.

Though Wright said he is honored to have been selected by Hays CISD to lead the district of nearly 20,000 students, he described this time as bittersweet. In a statement, he wrote he loved working for and with the school board, employees, community leaders, parents and students.

“We have remarkable kids and people in this district who dream big and work to make those dreams come true,” Wright said. “The FISD school board members are insightful and student-centered, and have supported me throughout my tenure here.

“The community members have supported the district and our students with their time, talents and resources which have truly enhanced the quality of education in the district, and for that, I will always be thankful.”

Wright will enter a required 21-day waiting period. Hays CISD board will consider officially offering Wright a contract on Thursday, Dec. 7.

Wright and the board will work together on a transition plan for FISD while the transition process takes place.

Upon Hays CISD officially offering a contract to Wright, the FISD board will vote in its Dec. 11 meeting to release Wright from his contract and vote to name an interim superintendent.


Dr. Marc Williamson, retired FISD superintendent, is tentatively slated to serve as interim superintendent, said FISD Board President Kerinne Herber.

“We appreciate Dr. Wright and his service to our community and kids the past four years,” Herber said. “We were surprised that we were losing him already and we congratulate him and wish him well on his next endeavors.”

The FISD board will meet on Monday, Nov. 27 to discuss the next steps of action in selecting a new superintendent with Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) executives about the selection process.

The board plans to have meetings to receive community and staff input as to what they would like to see in the next leader of FISD.

“I am confident our current school leadership and staff will keep pressing forward with all of our opportunities. We will take the opportunity to find a new superintendent that will keep the improvement and progression going for the kids and the community,” Herber said.

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