• Ridley Strackbein of Gillespie County 4-H takes a few practice shots before beginning competition at the state BB gun competition at Gillespie County Fair Grounds. —Standard-Radio Post/McKenzie Wedel
  • Individuals were recognized on Saturday at the 2017 State 4-H Air Rifle and BB Gun Competition for their combined efforts in prone, standing, sitting, kneeling and testing. Pictured left to right, Sammy Segner, organizer; Jacob Brown of Gillespie County 4-H, second place; Michael P. Reilly of Montgomery County, first place; Caleb Welch of Gillespie County 4-H, third place; and D.E. (Doug) DuBois Jr., executive director of the Texas State Rifle Association.
  • Three teams will be advancing to the national BB gun competition in Arkansas later in the year. Two Gillespie County teams placed, and one team will advance. Also advancing, is Permian Basin Young Guns and Montgomery County. Members of the two Gillespie County teams include, front row, from left, Olivia Moore, Larryn Feuge, Payton Whitcher, Ridley Strackbein, Emily Wisdom, Tripp Dennis, Caleb Welch, Cora Elliott; back row, Kailey Schnelle, Joey Wendel, Charles Schmidt, Mark Millhouse, Derek Whitworth and
  • Jill Elliott, left, watches as Gillespie County 4-H BB gun shooter Dane Carter takes aim at the state BB gun contest Saturday. Carter placed third in 13-year-old prone shooting and first in sitting. —Standard-Radio Post/McKenzie Wedel

State BB Gun Competition

Two teams from Gillespie County have qualified for the Daisy National BB Gun Championship match in July after competing in the state tournament this weekend.

The 2017 State 4-H Air Rifle and BB Gun Competition was held Friday and Saturday at the Gillespie County Fair Grounds and featured participants from 4-H groups across the state.

Teams advancing to nationals include Gillespie County Team 1 with 2289-61 points, Permian Basin with 2214-52 points and Montgomery County with 2209-44 points.

Gillespie County Team 2 also qualified with 2244-52 points but will not advance, thus advancing Montgomery County.

Shooters cannot compete in nationals two years in a row. A third Gillespie County team also competed but did not place.

On Friday, two Gillespie County 4-Hers competed in the air rifle competition. Charles Schmidt placed first in sporter and Joshua Moore placed third.

Saturday’s BB gun competition tested participants in four positions — prone, standing, sitting and kneeling — and each takes a written test.

Gillespie County had 11 first place finishes, and nine second and third place finishes.

Winners at state qualify for the 52nd national competition which will be held this summer in July in Rogers, Arkansas.

The top three shooters in the entire contest received trophies, and in each age division, the top three individuals were presented with medals.

The top three individuals with the highest shooting score and test score, combined, in the entire contest, received trophies.

The top three teams also received trophies.

Following are the results for award winners from each of the age divisions from Gillespie County, as well as overall team results:


Air Rifle

                Sporter— 1. Charles Schmidt, 526-7; 3. Joshua Moore, 501-4.



Prone — 2. Jazmyne Reyes, 94-3.

Standing — 1. Larryn Feuge, 87-1; 2. Addison Schoessow, 87-0; 3. Jazmyne Reyes, 86-1.

Sitting — 1. Jazmyne Rees, 93-4.

Kneeling — 1. Larryn Feuge, 94-5.

Overall — 1.Larryn Feuge, 435-7; 2. Addison Schoessow, 435-5.



Prone — 1. Ridley Strackbein, 96-5.

Standing — 3. Payton Whitcher, 91-4.

Kneeling — 1. Payton Whitcher, 93-3.

Overall — 2. Ridley Strackbein, 457-10.



Prone — 2. Olivia Moore, 94-2.



Prone — 2. Kailey Schnelle, 94-3; 3. Dane Carter, 94-2.

Standing — 2. Tripp Dennis, 86-1; 3. Caleb Welch, 85-3.

Sitting — 1. Dane Carter, 95-3; 3. Caleb Welch, 94-3.

Kneeling — 1. Caleb Welch, 96-6.

Overall — 1. Caleb Welch, 464-17; 3. Kailey Schnelle, 455-10.



Prone — 1. Jacob Brown, 98-8.

Standing — 1. Charles Schmidt, 91-4.

Kneeling — 3. Jacob Brown, 93-2.

Overall — 2. Jacob Brown, 465-19; 3. Charles Schmidt, 463-11.


Top three individuals with test

(all age divisions)

2. Jacob Brown, 465-19; 3. Caleb Welch, 464-17.


Top four teams

(all age divisions)

1. Gillespie County Team 1: Jacob Brown, Caleb Welch, Charles Schmidt, Derek Whitworth, Tripp Dennis, Cora Elliott and Mark Millhouse, 2289-61;

2.  Gillespie County Team 2: Ridley Strackbein, Kailey Schnelle, Payton Whitcher, Olivia Moore, Emily Wisdom, Joey Wendel and Larry Feuge, 2244-52;

3. Permian Basin Young Guns: LeeAnn Crudgington, Cinco Yeary, Tyler Bales, Cash Willhite, Simon Bowers and Lucas Bland, 2214-45.

4. Montgomery County: Michael P. Reilly, Teddy Clark, Jared Haines, Jayson Kimberly and Casey Ward, 2209-44.

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