The return of cursive

Local schools will re-introduce lettering study at elementary level

Cursive writing will soon be taught in second and third grades across the state of Texas during the 2019-2020 school year.

In 2017, the State Board of Education changed the requirements known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for the handwriting style to be taught for two years.

“Starting next year, cursive will be taught in both second and third grade,” Fredericksburg Independent School District Superintendent Jeff Brasher said.

Work will begin in second grade where students will learn how to form the letters. In third grade, the focus will be more on forming complete thoughts and sentences legibly, Brasher said.

“Intense work will continue until the students have mastered this task, so by the time they hit fourth grade, they can use it in their writing and it is legible,” he said.

Brasher said studies have been done proving that cursive helps students look more intelligent and academic versus if they just use print writing.

“I like the idea of it being mandated because as you look at the way students think and write, cursive is more fluid and consistent with the writing and thought processes,” he said. “As a result, students are better thinkers and writers and are more well-rounded.”

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