• Lennie Small (Jeremy Houston) cries as he is scolded by George Milton (Landon Preiss) at the FHS UIL One-Act Play’s community performance of “Of Mice and Men” on Thursday, March 1. — Standard-Radio Post/Erika Vela
  • Slim (Graham Hammond) shuffles his cards and watches as George (Landon Preiss) and Boss (Jowad Aysheh) work out an agreement. — Standard-Radio Post/Erika Vela
  • Carlson (Alex Alvarado) warns the others that Lennie (Jeremy Houston) is in the barn playing with newborn puppies.
  • Candy (Grant Engel) peers around the corner to listen as George (Landon Preiss) and Lennie (Jeremy Houston) talk about their future plans. — Standard-Radio Post/Erika Vela

'Of Mice and Men' brought to life by FHS

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