Council studies revisit of parks

More input may be sought from public, county officials

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Bond Election


The Fredericksburg City Council may look again at a parks bond election in 2018, members discussed on Monday night at their regular council meeting.

The council may hold a bond election next year for the sports park after a failed bond vote on Nov. 7.

This time, however, council members and staff said they plan to hold meetings and workshops for public input.

City Manager Kent Myers informed the council if they seek to have another bond election in May 2018, they would have to decide by Feb. 16, 2018.

State law only allows two elections per year in a city. An election can take place in May or November.

Former Mayor Tom Musselman spoke during public comments about the park bond issue and asked the council to consider opinions of both sides of the recent bond vote, which failed 767-667.

“I would hope you would think that we would have a diverse group that would come to discuss the issue of the sports complex,” he said. “And that we look at all sides and I would hope that it not be the will of the council that just because it gets voted down this time so ‘let’s have an election as soon as we can and keep having election after election until we get what we want.’”

Mo Saiidi echoed Musselman’s thoughts.

Mayor Linda Langerhans said the city is doing just that.

“I am insulted, Tom and Mo, that y’all would think that we have not been getting a lot of input, that we have been doing a lot of research, that we have talked with the counties,” Langerhans said. “We have had numerous meetings, the city staff has been involved with talking with some people in the community. We have read the articles that have been in the newspaper. We have had people come up and tell us what they do not and do like.”

“We are not intending to rush this. We intend this to be an open meeting,” she said.

The mayor said the council has met with Gillespie County officials about the issue. Langerhans stated the council does not intend to rush to get the bond passed as soon as possible.

“We expect to figure out what is happening in the community, why things got so lopsided, what we can do to correct this and I do think there is good potential to work with the county,” Langerhans said.

Musselman addressed the council once more.

“My intention was not to insult, but to bring the issue to the front because the people spoke. It was an election that was full of controversy,” he said. “But, this election was much more than ‘parking not parks.’ There are a lot of people in the community that had other reasons for not voting for the parks bond. Some of those are business people who do not have a homestead exemption, people that are retired that do not want to see their taxes go up. We have a multitude of things,” Musselman said.

The council will hold a workshop open to the public on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. 


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