Commissioners OK new equipment at LEC

Gillespie County Information Systems Administrator John Keller requested various pieces of new equipment be purchased at the Law Enforcement Center at the Monday Gillespie County Commissioners Court meeting.

The biggest ticket item was a $14,627 Blu-Ray disc burner.

“Right now on the Watchdog video system, our users are starting to store more digital data like photographs and videos,” Keller said.

Currently, users create discs that are then stored in the archive or are part of the permanent case record on individual computers.

“It can take eight or 10 discs to copy the material on and what we see happening is that officers get called out or work on other projects and once it spits one disc out, the entire process stops,” Keller said.

This new system would allow officers to create discs, walk away from the project, and the digital information would be stored permanently. The discs will also be labeled.

“This is going to help us save time and it is going to be much more reliable than the system we have now,” Keller said. “This is another assurance that the master file contains all the right information.”

Keller also requested that $11,455 be allocated for the purchase and installation of interior security cameras.

Twenty-two cameras would be installed in lobbies and hallways and other entrances at the LEC.

“One of the problems we have now is that we don’t really have any kind of security monitoring system in the inside of the LEC,” Keller said.

Commissioners requested Keller reach out to the City of Fredericksburg to cover half the cost as it would benefit both departments.

Both items were approved by the commissioners.


Post office box rental

Elections Administrator Annissa Herrera requested approval of rental of a post office box for the use of the elections department.

“We are going to be in transition for the next two to three years and we would like to keep one thing constant for our voters, most specifically for the voters who ballot by mail,” Herrera said.

During busy times and seasons, she receives almost 100 pieces of mail per day.

Commissioners OK’d the rental.


Other business

Commissioners also:

•  Agreed to not allow split payments of taxes or allow discounts for early payment of taxes.

•  Approved service agreements for mapping software used in the floodplain and sanitation departments and the rural addressing departments.  

•  Approved the request to purchase 10 new computers to be used for general access in county offices.   

•  The commissioners court will meet at 9 a.m. Monday, July 22 at the Gillespie County Courthouse.


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