Citizens warn of Medicare, Standard scams



A local citizen is warning the community this week of a scam in regard to Medicare.

The person has received multiple calls from an individual claiming to be with Medicare and has personal information, including name, address and spouse’s name.

The caller then asks for the Medicare card number so new cards can be issued.

Local law enforcement reminds the community to not give out personal information, block calls from unknown numbers and to contact law enforcement or Medicare to report such incidents.

The Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post is warning subscribers about a newspaper subscription scam that is taking place.

Scammers are now calling newspaper subscribers and claiming that their newspaper subscription is about to expire.

Then, they are trying to push subscribers to renew the subscription in order to steal personal information and money.

If anyone is contacted by a suspected scammer:

• Do not give out any personal information over the phone.

• Call the police.

• Be aware of any suspicious charges to their credit card account.

If anyone is unsure of the person making contact about the subscription, call the newspaper office at 830-997-2155 to verify with one of the newspaper’s representatives.