Christmas tree recycling, leaf collection ahead

The City of Fredericksburg has issued deadlines and guidance on Christmas tree recycling and fall-winter leaf pick-up.

Christmas trees may be disposed of as part of the regular brush chipping service offered by the City of Fredericksburg. This service is offered the same day as the customer’s garbage collection day. Citizens that wish to dispose of their Christmas trees at the curb should ensure the following:

• All decorations should be removed from the tree;

• The tree should be free of metal, wire, nails, screws, or any other foreign materials;

• All lights should be removed from the tree;

• Trees placed at the curb with decorations still in place will not be picked up. 



Fall-Winter Leaf Pick Up

The Annual Fall-Winter Leaf Collection Program will be ending on Friday, Jan. 26. 

During this program, residents are encouraged to gather leaves from their property and rake them to the street for collection. 

The Leaf Collection Program is available to all residential garbage customers at no additional charge.  Leaves are collected during the fall and again in the spring.

 Notice of the dates will be in the local newspaper and on the local radio stations. 

Residents are asked to place their leaves on the street in front of their residence approximately one foot from the curb line.  Leaf collection crews patrol all streets within the city limits.  There is no additional charge for this service.

In order to insure leaves will be picked up, residents should:

• Rake leaves onto the street, 12 inches from the curb.

• Do not rake limbs, twigs, wire, rocks, bricks or other debris along with the leaves for collection. Any items other than leaves that are picked up will damage the leaf collection equipment and will not be picked up for that reason. Residents who cannot remove the debris from a leaf pile are asked to call the City of Fredericksburg Street Department to make arrangements for a special pick up using a loader and dump truck. There will be a minimum $100 fee for this service.

• Avoid parking vehicles near leaf piles. The collection equipment cannot maneuver around vehicles and will not be able to pick up leaves.

Remember that leaves mixed with limbs, grass clippings and other debris will not be picked up.

• Grass clippings will not be picked up.

The city would like to remind customers that the Leaf Collection Program is not a year round service and is only offered in the fall and spring. 

The 2018 Spring Leaf Pick Up Program will tentatively start in mid-March 2018.  Official dates will be posted closer to the spring leaf season. 

More information about the city’s chipping service and leaf collection program can be found on the city’s website at

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