Boot Ranch gets OK to open new tracts


Gillespie County Commissioners approved the proposal of master plan development of the Boot Ranch Subdivision on Monday.

Several preliminary meetings took place over the last few months in regards to the land.

“We have almost sold out of our phase one inventory, so we are ready to start developing phase two,” said Craig Martin, principal of Boot Ranch at Terra Verde Group.

Martin stated that they have 1,000 acres they would like to develop in phase two, which is about the same amount that was developed in the first phase. He said the lot sizes will be similar.

“The land will be developed in sections of estate lots, hillside lots and pasture lots,” Martin said.

There will be 10 estate lots ranging from four to five acres.

There are 12 hillside lots ranging from one to four acres. Pasture lots, numbering seven, are 1-2 acres.

County Commissioner Pct. 4 Donnie Schuch asked if Boot Ranch planned to develop the remaining sections in a similar fashion.

“This is our best guess right now and as we go along we will see what will work best,” Martin said.

“I think it’s good to develop the land in sections rather than all at once to avoid replats in the future,” said Billy Roeder, Precinct 2 Commissioner.

Schuch also wanted to point out that while the land is not in the city limits, it uses water and sewer from the city.

“This is serviced by the city water and sewer, even though it’s not in the city limits,” he said.

Commissioners then gave a six-month approval for the preliminary plat of phase two.

Fire/rescue departments

Commissioners also approved annual budgeted funds to local volunteer fire departments.

The OK’d $16,900 to the Stonewall VFD fire department and $2,750 to first responders.

Harper VFD received the same amount.

Doss VFD was given $10,790 for fire and $2,750 for first responders.

Tierra Linda VFD was also approved to receive the same amount of funds as Doss.

Retiree Insurance

Commissioners heard information regarding the Retiree Insurance Continuation Program.

“This is for an employee who meets the guidelines under the county’s insurance and retains the insurance after employment, they will be given $100 toward their premium,” County Treasurer Laura Lundquist said.

She stated that an employee can’t join the insurance or add dependents after they leave.

Employees must also be vested and have worked at least eight years with Gillespie County.

Commissioners approved this continuation.

Leadership Training

Last year, commissioners heard a presentation from DeDe Church & Associates for Employee Development Training and considered participating this year.

This training is leadership and team-building based.

“We budgeted money last year and I think this will be an opportunity for employees next month to participate in this workshop,” Schuch said.

Schuch said they have budgeted $20,000 for the workshop and cost is based on how many workshops are conducted.

Roeder agreed.

“The session last year was great and if employees want to learn, this is really good,” he said. “This is used a lot in the business world.”

Schuch added this opportunity would be offered to all county employees, not just supervisors.

Commissioners agreed to not exceed the $20,000 limit.


Commissioners also approve support for rural VFD crews

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