Mia makes her mark


FHS multi-sport senior standout hits 1,500th point


The night before hitting one of the biggest milestones of her athletic career, Fredericksburg High School senior basketball guard Mia Torres helped her mom Sonya Torres cut out “M’s” out of poster board for a work project.

Little did she know, less than 24 hours later on Tuesday, Jan. 29, they would be displayed by hundreds of people in the community as she made her 1,500th career point against Wimberley.

Torres likely set a school record, being the only player to score that many points in a career and start in 144 consecutive games.

According to head coach Carrie Grona, no one has scored that many points in at least the last 13 seasons.

And the icing on the cake, Torres had absolutely no idea that all she had to do was score four more points achieve this.

“I had no clue. No one told me,” Torres said. “I was standing there waiting for the ref to give me the ball to shoot my second free throw and then all of a sudden my team patted me on the back and then I turned around and the bleachers were full of people with signs and balloons.”

Those who know Torres say she is not one to brag about herself or her achievements.

“This is a testament to the kind of person and teammate Mia is,” Grona said Tuesday night. “This entire team and community is so happy for her and what she has done.”

“For me it was just validation of all if my hard work and all of the hard work my coaches have invested in me,” Torres said.


The Athlete

A four-sport athlete, Torres’s life revolves around competition.

When she was seven, she decided to get into running for fun and would later compete for Fredericksburg Middle School as a seventh grader. She then participated in basketball under Jennifer McBee.

“She has always been a kid who works hard and wants to do well at all she does,” McBee said. “She is selfless, humble and, really, it’s just Mia being Mia.

That humility has manifested in her time as an athlete at FHS.

“She is never one to come and ask me for stats after her a game or ask me how close she is to hitting certain records,” Grona said.

In high school, she was named to the starting varsity lineup as a freshman and she later became a four-sport letterman.

“Mia has grown to be confident in her ability to perform, which you can clearly see when she is running, playing basketball or is on the softball field,” head cross country and track coach Dan Aldrich said.

 “I remember being a freshman and everything I did on the court was wrong,” she said. “I wasn’t supposed to pass and I would pass the ball or vice versa.”

Today, Torres has a quiet presence in the team as a leader.

“Mia is not very vocal. You see her more as a person who leads by example,” Grona said. “She has acted as a mentor for so many of her teammates, and I think she has a great grasp on how to be a leader and how to bring her team together.”

On the softball field, FHS head coach Melissa Hall has seen the same leadership qualities in Torres as well as the ability to be a decision maker.

“With the fact that she has played so many sports, she has learned to be a quick decision maker,” Hall said. “She makes plays that I would never expect her to make. She is more capable than I could imagine.”


The Student

When Torres isn’t spending time competing in sports, she is working on homework, studying for a test or applying to college.

While she is unsure of what her future looks like, she is confident in her abilities to manage her time away from sports.

“In the classroom, I need to remember to stay humble with my grades and hopefully I can carry that into college,” she said.

Her coaches have also taken note of her academic abilities.

“The neat thing about Mia is that the same kid you see running and playing basketball is the same kid you get to see at work in the classroom,” Hall said. “She does whatever you ask of her, no matter what.”


All about relationships

While earning recognition of her athletic abilities is nice, Torres prides herself most the in the relationships she has developed with her teammates and her coaches.

As a freshman, she would avoid making eye contact with Grona because she was so scared of her but has since developed a special relationship.

“I would literally avoid Coach Grona and walk around the entire building just so I didn’t have to see her,” Torres said. “But today, she is like a mother to me.”

“When she was about 15, we would have meeting after meeting about why she wasn’t talking at practice or during games but she grew to be comfortable and it even took me a while to figure out who she is,” Grona said.

That same relationship can be seen with other coaches.

“Mia is pretty freaking awesome,” McBee said.  “It’s rare that you come across a player with that much drive, that much natural talent that is as humble and hard-working as she is.”


The future

Torres hopes to play some sport in college after she graduates in May.

While that is uncertain now, her coaches are confident that wherever life takes her, she will be a success.

“In whatever sport that is, she is so talented and I know wherever she goes, she will be and do great things,” Grona said.

“She wants to learn and she wants to be better and she’s never satisfied,” McBee said. “I hope that she knows that it has been an absolute blessing to coach someone like her.”

“She has earned every bit of her success with what she has done,” Aldrich said. “I hope that she remembers to think of herself because she has been so consumed with what she can do for her teams that it is now the time for Mia to take a step back and do what she wants.”



In addition to her achievements on the basketball court, Torres has set records and made statements in cross country, track and softball.

Those are listed below:

• On track to be a four-year four sport athlete in cross country, basketball, track and softball.

• Academic All-District and All-State Honors;

• All-District cross country, basketball and softball team honors;

• Helped guide the cross-country team to two state meets;

• Two-time cross country team MVP;

• Two-time cross country Battlin’ Billie Team Award winner;

• No. 5 on the School Performance List in the two-mile;

• No. 6 on the School Performance List in the 800-meter race;

• No. 8 on the School Performance List for the 1600-meter race.

• Freshman Newcomer of the Year in the 2016 season for softball.

• Held the highest batting average on the softball team in the 2018 season, .446, in just 24 games.

• Struck-out just one time in the 2018 FHS softball season and had 24 stolen bases.

• Defensive MVP for District 28-4A softball 2018.

• Selected to the Texas Girls Coaches Association all-state team for softball.



To see Torres hit her 1,500th point, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzEzAzusjl0.