Heritage School focuses on new way of learning


Nancy Hierholzer, Heritage School’s head of school, announced the campus will remain closed and all school sanctioned activities are cancelled through April 13.

However, Hierholzer told families Heritage will continue educating while the campus is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Together (administration, board, directors and faculty), we have developed a plan that we trust will not just allow us to survive but to thrive,” Hierholzer said. “Teachers are optimistic, enthusiastic and thinking creatively. Our most important goal is to continue to provide a distinctive, classical and Christ-centered education, and our plan will allow us to do that. We just have to think out of the box and work a little differently. We are calling our plan: Heritage @ Home.”

Heritage students and parents were assigned 15-minute time slots to arrive on campus Monday and Tuesday of this week to pick up text books and materials needed to study from home.

Beginning Thursday, March 26, classes will begin using an interactive online platform, Zoom.

Hierholzer said Heritage selected the Zoom platform because it suits Heritage School’s needs and “allows us to be true to our mission, to provide a distinctive, classical, Christcentered education.”

“We will continue to teach using our classical curriculum, rich literature and current textbooks,” Hierholzer said. “Through Zoom, faculty-student interaction will continue. Faculty will be able to teach while seeing students on their computer screens. Students will benefit from being able to see and hear faculty just as they would in the classroom. Scheduled face time on Zoom, however, will be limited to the morning hours so that students will not have excessive time in front of a screen.”

Students will use afternoon hours for assignments which focus on reading, math/science, history, Bible, Spanish and other subjects. Heritage@Home also includes an art and music component.

Outdoor time and time with family is encouraged.

“The entire Heritage faculty participated in a live Zoom demonstration last week, and is excited about the benefits of being able to continue to interact with and teach their students throughout this difficult time,” a school spokesperson said. “Faculty is receiving set up and individual training on Zoom this week. Families will also receive training on Zoom. IT assistance will be available for faculty and families throughout Heritage School’s use of Zoom.

“We believe that Heritage@Home is an excellent plan that will allow Heritage to continue to be Heritage — even while using an online platform,” Hierholzer said. “We are confident that we can continue to provide a distinctive classical, Christ-centered education by being creative. All of us are encouraged and even excited at the possibility of learning something new and thinking of new ways to make learning both significant and fun.”