• Greyson Crenwelge, right, and Noah Jahnke Matthes get their robot ready to rumble across a World War II-inspired map of the Pacif-ic Theatre during “Operation Pacific Assault,” a robotics competition hosted by the Gillespie County 4-H and the National Museum of the Pacific War on Saturday in the Nimitz Museum Grand Ballroom. The map had competitors attempting challenges based on Pacif-ic Theatre locations. “It’s a blast watching them just learn how to do program-ming and coding, and think a few strategies,” said Keith Jenkins, a coach for the Gillespie County 4-H Robot-ics Project and member of Fredericksburg Independent School District’s technolo-gy department. “Especially at this age, because they want to start attacking all of these missions and you have to get them to go from one point to the next, and it’s fun to watch them get excited when they can.” — Standard-Radio Post/Joshua McKinney
  • Rory Bedford, right, with teammate Dylan Dobbins standing next to her, steadies her robot before it starts its next challenge on a World War II-inspired map during the “Operation Pacific Assault” robotics competition, hosted by the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Gillespie County 4-H on Saturday, May 12, in the Nimitz Museum Grand Ballroom. — Standard-Radio Post/Joshua McKinney
  • Gavyn Kunz, left, and Will Bryla, prep their robot for another mission on a map designed to test kids on their robotics skills and teach them about the Pacif-ic Theatre of World War II. Each challenge mirrored a piece of Pacific war history. “As we get farther and far-ther away from World War II, less and less seems to be taught in schools,” said Bryan Degner, the Nimitz Museum’s Education Direc-tor. “America’s Greatest Generation is disappearing. This is just another way for young people to connect to history. They can take the technology, and I don’t even think they realize it while they’re programming their robots and going to the different islands, but they’re actually learning the history of (World War II).”
  • One of the Gillespie County 4-H’s robots takes a break from the action during Operation Pacific Assault on Saturday.

Battle of the 'Bots

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