All in the family


Gathered & Good features old, new and everything in between


Mother-daughter team Dawn Houseal and Hannah Jauregui love to collect things.

After owning a vintage wedding rental service, the duo decided to start sharing and selling their collectibles and unique finds at their store, Gathered & Good, which opened in October.

“We decided we were done with that but we wanted to do something that was still fun and gave us a creative outlet,” Jauregui said.

A family affair

Houseal and Jauregui wanted to emphasize and showcase the importance of family, and working together with the entire family.

“Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and I have a retail background, so we thought why not combine these skills and work together?” Jauregui said.

“From our point of view, we wanted to create a place that was relaxing, fun and positive and just enjoy themselves,” Houseal said. “We also wanted a way to support other small businesses and welcome that back into the retail world.”

Houseal and Jauregui feature many local or Texas vendors, all that put the focus on small businesses. Rooms throughout the store are rented out, so vendors can share their creations, under the Gathered & Good store front.

One vendor, a mother of seven, makes miniature paper houses from recycled paper, all with little details like snow-capped roofs or small trees or excerpts from a novel.

“Each one as a teeny tiny something that makes them so special, and people really appreciate the work that goes into them,” Houseal said.

“It is also a creative outlet and to be able to offer a location for someone to sell what they love, I want to be able to do that for someone who may not be able to do so otherwise,” Jauregui said.

Items sold

While much of the store’s current inventory is focused on Christmas and the holidays, many of the items are antiques, furniture, lighting and decorative pieces.

“Some of these items are from our wedding rental business and we have incorporated items from other people’s ventures,” Houseal said.

“I like that we can balance some of the old and some of the new and I think that attracts customers from a variety of ages,” Jauregui said.

One of the store vendors comes from Iowa and makes hand-lettered paper scrolls.

The store also has a vendor who takes old St. Mary’s Apaches and Fredericksburg High School Billies shirts and makes them into one-of-akind dresses for younger girls.

“Each one is different and it is also a great way to repurpose a favorite shirt into something special,” Houseal said. “This store is about making connections with people and being able to tell their stories.”

Remembering ‘GG’

When developing the store’s name, Houseal and Jauregui wanted to help remember Houseal’s mother, June Phillips, who mastered the art of gathering.

“Gathering was so important to her. Sometimes at holiday meals, we would have strangers at our dinner table because my mother wanted to make sure that everyone was included,” Houseal said. “She was the queen of getting the family to gather and stay together. I have a greater appreciation for that now than I have ever.”

The “Good” part of the name represents the good, genuine person that Houseal’s mother was.

“She was good to the bone, she quietly served various organizations and volunteered for everything she could,” Houseal said. “She built her life around volunteering but never talked about it.”

Houseal’s granddaughter and Jauregui’s daughter called her “GG”, another tie to Gathered & Good.

“Whether people gather here at the

Gathered & Good

Owners: Hannah Jauregui and

Dawn Houseal

Established: October 2018

Address: 401 East Augusta Street

Phone: 830-307-3032


Primary business: Gift shop

Employees: 3

store or whether they find something to create their own gathering, we just want to share our love of gathering and goodness and remind people that it’s out there,” Houseal said.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us and I think it is important for us to pass that on,” Jauregui said.

The store will transform after the holiday season but still carry antiques, gifts and other collectables.