175th logo contest opens to win 'Anniversary Key to the City'

The Fredericksburg 175th Anniversary Steering Committee invites public logo submissions to commemorate the 175th anniversary in 2021, and the winner will receive a unique privilege.

The creator of the chosen logo will receive an “Anniversary Key to the City,” presented by the mayor, which entitles the winner to a two-person pass to freely enter all Fredericksburg, Texas 175th Anniversary events throughout the entire anniversary year of 2021, according to 175th Anniversary marketing subcommittee chairman Troy Sifford.

There will be educational and entertainment-based events taking place each month throughout the terquasquicentennial year.

In addition to the Anniversary Key to the City, he said the winner will also receive public recognition for the honor through a variety of anniversary promotional mediums.

Sifford said it is important to the committee to invite logo submissions from the public at large.

“We are inviting anyone who appreciates Fredericksburg and has a talent for graphic work to submit a logo, and it will be used in marketing and advertising efforts to promote Fredericksburg’s 175th anniversary,” he said.

Sifford said the committee’s vision of a logo is one that captures the Fredericksburg spirit through symbols of Fredericksburg historic events, landscapes, architecture and/or culture.

“We’re leaving artistic parameters as open as possible, so we don’t limit possible creativity,” he said. “We’re looking for a logo that is eye catching, clean and legible.”

The logo submission deadline is Oct. 31.

He also said if an approved logo is not received, the committee will use other means to develop a logo.

“We hope we will receive the best logo through public submissions,” he said. “We want it to originate from someone who understands Fredericksburg’s history and significance.”

To submit a logo, go to 175th.org.

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