Veterans Day parade was inspiring event


Wow. We agree with several letter writers on the next page that the Veterans Day Parade and associated programs were incredible.
What an effort to recognize those who served our country!
Thanks are again due to all involved who helped stage this event to honor those who have served. It was inspiring to see so many veterans on the floats, some of whom seem deeply touched at the support from our town and its visitors.
Cord Switzer’s multiple passes in the Huey Helicopter even got the adrenaline flowing and added a cool dimension to the event. Thanks to all the aircraft pilots who took part as well.
Fredericksburg knows how to do parades, though we do not discount all the pre-planning and organization that goes into them. Fourth of July, Gillespie County Fair and Light the Night Christmas parades all showcase slightly different aspects but show that our small town celebrates in traditional ways and make it inspirational to those looking in from the outside.
We’ll add that we hope this Veterans Day parade event continues as another local tradition, even though its organizers are due a well-deserved rest. Thank you to all who served in so many ways.

Our contributor Lindy Segall is on his way to Austin to testify before the Texas State Board of Education about its decision to nix from student curricula the study of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). Those more than 1,000 Fly Girls were trained in West Texas to be the first American women to fly military aircraft.
It took these women three decades to earn the right to even call themselves veterans. And their descendants want their stories told as an education and inspiration to future generations.
Segall has a personal connection: His mother flew three different bombers during her service. So, he has helped curate an exhibit about his parents at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, and he has given talks around the state and even wrote a screenplay about these women pilots. He even supported development of a musical called “Sweetwater,” which features WASP characters.
TEA is trying to trim its curriculum and Segall says in no way does he want to overload our already time-taxed teachers.
But we wish him well in fighting this fight. These women provided excellent role models for strong female leadership.
Like all in our Sunday parade, they answered the call for their country. —