Note of appreciation to all of our readers


And a defense of what we do in the face of sometimes media-hostile environment


We have a long history in Gillespie County. Since 1907, we have published the news weekly (and sometimes daily online) about you, your neighbors, your schools, your town.

In September, we will celebrate our 111th year as the Fredericksburg Standard or the merged Standard-Radio Post (since 1984).

Design and content have changed, along with the size of the newspaper, but we still continue to bring you the news of your community. Our employees are involved parts of this community, serving in civic clubs, their churches, Parent-Teacher Organizations or other efforts.

We don’t ignore the outside world, but we focus on local and occasionally state or national news that has a local effect. We don’t let the beltway battles dominate the news, like the major newspapers and networks.

Today, many are content to get sips of news from Facebook or Twitter. (Lord help those who get all their news from there.) But we offer in-depth coverage on the local issues that affect your pocketbook closely — schools, local government, county issues and much more.

We also try to feature people who have helped make this town what it is today with features on people and small businesses. We cheer on our local sports teams in our pages each week. We boost our artists of all genres. We report on the local economy and issues that affect it.

It’s what community newspapers do.

No other news outlets will be here doing these things. Oftentimes, we are the only media present at local events. We take it seriously, and we love what we do.

A few locals may to claim we are bad people, lumping us in with the president’s “enemies of the American people” line he routinely uses at rallies. That’s irresponsible, and we know that’s not who we are.

We care about this community and we care about our readers, whether they agree with us or not.

And while we have fared better than our brethren at the large-city daily papers, we need you — our readers. We need you to subscribe and we need you to support the advertisers who support us. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will not be in this market for one event this year. But they will siphon plenty of marketing dollars.

And we plan to be here another 111 years. We have survived all the other supposed threats to our existence, like radio, television, the Internet, and now social media. And while our delivery methods may look completely different in the future, we will still continue to deliver news about this town, these schools, this county, this region. We’ll still serve our audience.

That’s not fake news. It’s simply solid community journalism.

We don’t toot our own horn much, but in this day of constant negativity, we want to remind all of what we do and thank our readers for sharing that experience with us each edition.

It’s been a good relationship since 1907. And it will continue to be years from now. — K.E.C.