Iconic downtown store marks a milestone year


A local and visitor favorite, Dooley's does traditional retail for nearly a century


Congratulations to Dooley’s 5-10-25¢ Store.

                Dooley’s recently marked the 95th anniversary of its opening and the love for this store is still found throughout the country and many places around the globe.

                Of course, part of its charm is its atmosphere — a throwback to our childhoods before the days of online retail and incessant credit card transactions. The store’s inventory also brings back memories of the general stores that dotted Main Streets around the nation, long before malls and shopping centers spread our dollars and our interest in our community.

                The Dooley family members also have been active in civic affairs, organizations and their church.

                We shared the store’s advertisement on our Facebook page to mark the anniversary, and were blown away by all the response, comments and shares. That ad also listed every employee, past and present.

                A few fan comments:

Clifford M. Martinez If you want to keep the wolves of change at bay and a small piece of the wonderful past alive, stop in and buy something at Dooley’s when you go into Fredericksburg.

Sylvia Segura I remember when I was younger and my baby sister was born, I had worked and made a little money. I went to Dooley’s and bought her the cutest little outfit, a memory I will carry with me in my heart.

Cathy Dietz Villela Great childhood memories of buying my grandma presents there with money I’d saved (and a few pieces of nickel candy for myself). Love love love Dooley’s!

Tom Isaacks A step back in time.

Priscilla O’Briant Congrats to Dooley’s — the heart of Fredericksburg! Without Dooley’s, Fredericksburg is just another “tourist town.” LONG LIVE DOOLEY’S!

Lisa Marie Alexander Sorrels A German family business. That’s how I like to do business. Congrats to the Dooley Family. Your customers love you! Don’t ever change.

Kathy Klein Austin I love this store, been shopping there for 69 years.

Linda Rowe I love Dooley’s — tons of great memories started at Dooley’s!