Disaster brings out the best in Texans

Pitch in as you can to help Hurricane Harvey victims recover, rebuild

Many times we focus more on our divisions and overlook our commonalities. We focus too much on Republican versus Democrat, white or black, urban versus rural or Christian versus other. (And we include ourselves here, to be sure.)

This week, Mother Nature is not playing favorites and is proving a disastrous and deadly equalizer.

But if there is any type of silver lining in Hurricane Harvey, it is seeing fellow citizens pitch in to help our coastal brethren dig out from the debris, and it is seeing reports of people of all backgrounds helping each other from the rising waters.

While there are stories of tragedy, for sure, we are heartened by Texans helping Texans, from jumping into their own boats to assist people trapped in high water, to cowboys pitching in to get cattle moved to higher ground. There also are stories of locals taking food to families sheltering in area hotels, a small act of kindness that can have a great impact on people facing their lowest times.

First responders, as always, jumped into the fray whether they were paid or volunteer. Citizens offered up boats to help. What a joy to hear one Texas City man tell a television reporter as he was taking his boat off the trailer, “I’m going to try to save some lives.” No expectations of reward or repayment; just launching his boat to help how he could.

Grocery chain H-E-B seemed to be ready to assist before most emergency management crews, cranking up convoys of trucks to help out with the most basic of necessities, food and clean water.

Linemen and highway crews helped restore power and create safe paths for travel as roads were blocked and, in some cases, destroyed. Other crews, including locals, helped out to protect against those who might take advantage of the situation.

Churches everywhere are showing their Samaritan spirit and providing shelter, food and the simple assurance that faith brings us. Civic organizations will soon pour in resources and help with flood buckets and the like.

This hurricane response will show the true, caring nature of Lone Star state residents.

Gillespie County dodged a bullet from Hurricane Harvey, but plenty of locals are pitching in. See stories elsewhere in this edition to see how they are helping.

Fredericksburg’s population is enormously generous and we are reminded of it weekly. It is good to see Texans coming together to ease the pain and burden of those who went through trauma and who will face huge challenges in the coming weeks, months and years.

Texans are noted for their grit, their independence and their neighborly spirit. This storm and its recovery process will show our perseverance and resolve.

 Let’s continue to send our help and prayers for months to come.

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