Big thanks goes to outstanding trustees


Geistweidt, Campbell brought pragmatism, common sense to tenure


We join the Fredericksburg Independent School District Board of Trustees in thanking Dale Geistweidt and Dave Campbell for their 12 years of service on the FISD board. These two gentlemen combined forward thinking with rationality and helped FISD become one of the top-regarded 4A institutions.

Both men continued to serve even as their own children had graduated. Since these are unpaid positions, that shows a dedication that goes far beyond the average citizen who roots for the Battlin’ Billies and might attend a school program now and then. School trustees put in hundreds of hours of training, time studying the issues and thought into how FISD might meet its mission of training the next generation of college attendees and workforce participants.

Geistweidt, a banker, brought a common sense and ability to see economic trends and instill the financial conservativism needed for entities being served by taxpayers.

Campbell, who owns and operates a precision machining shop, sought to expand trades education opportunities, recognizing the need for training for students to enter good paying jobs without the traditional four-year college education.

We also appreciate both men’s desires to close the achievement gap still present among racial and economic subgroups.

Their focus on the greater good also was so apparent. The Texas Legislature has watched as vouchers and private school initiatives have been top priorities for many leaders. Yet, that focus is outsized, considering there are 100,000 private school seats in the state of Texas and 5.3 million public school seats. No one denies private schools can offer best practices and innovations to adopt, but the constant focus on them has been distracting for the greater needs demanded from our public education system. It is in our Texas Constitution and these men recognized the vision of the state’s founding fathers.

Campbell sought to bring his experience to the state legislature and we supported him wholeheartedly. His heart and his vision are in the right place, but the rest of District 73 voters did not have enough time to get to know him as we in Gillespie County do.

Geistweidt wrote in his letter announcing he would not seek re-election, “It is so important for every child to get the educational foundation they need to be successful in life.” Amen to that. 

We welcome our new trustees. And after expressing gratitude to our teachers last week, we share our appreciation for the service of these two men. – K.E.C.