Thankful for emergency responders


Weather conditions can change quickly in Texas and go from tranquil to dangerous in a hurry. Overnight Monday and Tuesday morning, that’s exactly what happened.

As of this writing Tuesday morning, nearly seven inches of rain had fallen in and around Fredericksburg. Our saturated lands quickly sent it to our streams, creeks and rivers, trapping many of our rural residents out who could not negotiate low-water crossings.

That time period also saw our emergency responders leap into action and help those who were trapped or made a decision to try and cross where the water was too high.

We are so grateful to these men and women who interrupt their lives at considerable risk to themselves to help our neighbors in need.

Where it’s human nature to gripe about taxes at one time or another, our emergency services again proved they are worth every penny.

We should all strive to be safe. But it is comforting to know that when we get in a bind, our emergency workers are true professionals.