An impressive vision for Gillespie County


Committee eyes solid goals in many areas to improve quality of life


Improvements suggested by the Long-Range Community Vision Committee have been presented in a report titled, “Journey to 2020 … A Focus on Gillespie County.” Yet, the great suggestions in this document will help aid business, government, family and community quality for decades to come.

Some of the ideas and recommendations have been talk around the coffee klatch for decades: child care, housing and workforce training. We are pleased that there are proactive suggestions in all of these areas, which affect the local economy. And cooperative efforts between private business and government can be a positive in these areas.

Others will add needed balance to Gillespie County’s future:

• Diversifying our economy, with a focus on reducing barriers for workforce recruitment and retention along with trying to focus on economic development efforts which pay higher than average wages;

• Keeping track of infrastructure in a growing community, with a focus on broadband, parking, transportation and more;

• And education opportunities, which will seek ways to encourage cooperative efforts between local school districts and our community college and university entities.

These visioning efforts also include finding ways to support and protect huge assets like our hospital in the face of changing reimbursement rules, as well as providing treatment and safety options for domestic violence and mental health issues.


We express our gratitude to the individuals who took part in this visioning process. More than 100 citizens volunteered over 1,000 hours over an eight-month period to research these significant issues. Their work will define the major issues of this town’s discourse and destiny over the next half century. — K.E.C.



The report, with much more detail on areas of focus, is available in its entirety on the city’s website at