A gift that will be felt for many generations


Cailloux Foundation's donation will help ensure obstetrics care for our community


Huge thanks is offered from this community to the Cailloux Foundation for its $1.5 million donation to expand the Hill Country Memorial Women’s Pavilion and rename it The Kathleen C. Cailloux Birthing Center.

The upgrades and expansion to the HCM Obstetrics Department will allow the hospital to double the number of suites for labor, birthing, recovery and postpartum care. Women will be able to stay in their room during the entire experience in a more home-like atmosphere, CEO Jayne Pope said.

HCM already was recognized by the Women’s Choice Award as an “America’s Best Hospital for Obstetrics Care” for the past five consecutive years. So, the foundation can know that its gift will be considered an investment that will be put to good use in a way that benefits patients.

Many of us may only recognize the Cailloux name from the Kathleen C. Cailloux Performing Arts Center in Kerrville. But the Cailloux Foundation’s generosity stretches far and wide. It was founded in 1994 by Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux, whose families had manufacturing and media business interests. Two of their three children continue to serve on the foundation board of directors.

Kathleen Cailloux gave generously in Kerrville, offering funds for a new humane society facility, built a business school and activity center at Schreiner University, and remodeled that town’s municipal auditorium. But she also helped fund the Gladney Center for Adoption in Fort Worth and genetic cancer research at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

We get used to quality care here in Fredericksburg and easy forget that many rural hospitals have shuttered their obstetrics departments due to unsupportable costs.

That has resulted in both maternal and infant mortality rates that are higher than in urban areas, according to the Scientific American magazine. Low birth volume, it stated, makes the economics of providing this care more difficult, when the unknown duration of delivery times means hospitals must keep at the ready nurses, doctors, surgeons and anesthesiologists, which adds up quickly.

This gift will help ensure that women continue to receive quality care right here in our own market. That’s a huge benefit to Gillespie County families.

As healthcare changes and operating costs continue to rise for patients and providers, donations will become an important part of the overall revenue picture. Since its first days, HCM has relied on the generosity of supporters, and not strictly patient-driven revenue, to fund its operations. And that generosity has helped create a first-class facility with a culture of excellence.

Kudos to the Hill Country Memorial Hospital Foundation for recognizing this and recognizing a way for HCM and the Cailloux Foundation to work together to improve women’s care in our growing market. Generations in the Hill Country will benefit from this wonderful gift. – K.E.C.