Waiting is the hardest part


Why wrap presents now when there's always tomorrow?


“This is silly,” I thought as I drove circles around the Christmas wrapping display at the store Friday evening.

Why even waste time picking out a funky paper design because it was going to be torn up in three seconds flat? It seems that all of the gifts I’ve purchased this year are taking the better chunk of a roll of gift wrap, all to be wadded up and stuffed into a trash bag.

And, I procrastinate when it comes to wrapping presents. If I don’t need a gift wrapped until the weekend, why wrap it now?

That’s a trait I didn’t inherit from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers. They had all of their gifts, most of which were handmade, completed and wrapped by Dec. 1, if not sooner.

When it came to wrapping their packages, they got out the step stool and dug around on the top shelf in the hall closet for the stack of “recycled” gift wrap and a shoe box of bows they tucked away last Christmas, after their “tree” — as everyone called it back then, to be used again another day.

Gifts were unwrapped carefully. All of the cellophane tape was gently removed and the remaining paper was smoothed out by hand, folded and set aside in order to be reused next year. The bows were nested in a shoe box, also to be reused.

My great-grandmother was one of those frugal types. She lived through the Great Depression and learned to take care of what she had in an effort to make something last as long as possible.

Each December, she would invite her family over for the annual gathering on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


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