Voters wanted change; Trump personifies it


Trump has a bullseye on 'business as usual'; let's give him a chance


Last Friday, the nation’s 45th president, Donald J. Trump, was sworn into office. After tumultuous primaries, election and even inauguration weekend, we are ready to see what he can offer the nation.

Let’s give him a chance to lead, just as we gave a chance to those who held office before him.

On some level, most people have reservations about the brash billionaire businessman and reality television personality. His personal behavior, thin skin and ego don’t fit the mold of a U.S. president. Neither does his refusal to release his tax returns.

But that’s not why those who voted for Trump chose him. It wasn’t for his verbal eloquence, or his manners or his past filled with scruples. It was for his promises to change “business as usual” in Washington. He may do it like a bull in a china shop, but he likely will make change.

And again, on some level, people of all political stripes are frustrated with the federal government, whether it be for overzealous regulations against business or private property, a feeling that regulations force business to ship jobs beyond our borders, or the staggering $20 trillion in debt the country now owes.

Both major parties have contributed to the situation we’re in, but his supporters are ready for a different approach to solving the problems. We owe them that. And we owe him better than his predecessor received from his political opponents.


Who knows? If Mr. Trump could stop being distracted by other celebrities or feeling like his ego is being threatened, he could make significant positive changes.


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