Thanks, Mom, the hidden wedding hero

Planning any event requires organization, time and resources. Planning a wedding requires all that, but multiplied by 100.

You have to have a venue, food, flowers, decorations, guests, photographers, music and more.

The past 10 months I have spent time planning my approaching wedding, thinking of what flowers match my style and what music we want the DJ to play when we enter the chapel.

It has been one of the longest, most stressful, fun-filled times of my life. It sounds cliché but it’s true. Especially this last week. There have been so many times that it would have been easier to pull my hair out or just elope.

Back in December, it felt like the day would never come. As of press time, I have exactly two days, 15 hours and 56 minutes. Who knew time flew so quickly?

Here I am four days out and I still have about 47 things on my list. I need to write notes to my bridesmaids, get the marriage license, get my ring polished, get my nails done.

Oh, and I have to actually be in Colorado.

This season, as any bride can attest, has strained relationships, required late nights and hundreds of phone calls.

One of the biggest challenges is having my mom, my main wedding planner, live in another state.

When searching for venues, we relied on photos online, phone calls with the venue staff and my mom helping us decide if the space was right. We booked our venue in January and didn’t get to see it in person until February. Since then, I have returned once, relying on her visits to help plan.

This is only one of many instances where I have relied on help from my mom.

I have relied on her to contact the caterer, email the venue coordinator and make sure my dress was altered in time.

It hasn’t always been easy either.

She works in Denver so by the time she gets home each night, it’s 7 p.m. which is 8 p.m. my time and then she eats dinner, walks the dog, does the laundry and whatever else. Some nights, she gets to sit down at the computer at 9 p.m., which is also my bedtime and my cranky time when I don’t sleep.

I don’t always think about every detail of the wedding. I don’t think about what decorations we want hanging on the pews or who we want to handout programs before the wedding or who is bringing me breakfast the morning of. But she does.

She thinks both big picture and details and has done so much to help make this day special for me.

I also don’t think I have told her enough just how much I appreciate her hard work to make the day special.

So, Mom, thanks. Thanks for being organized and helping make my day special. You have sacrificed so much, including your time. You have kept me on track and put up with me when I was behind schedule.

You have been patient with me when I told you the flowers were wrong and when I took forever to put together an itinerary. You still loved me after the argument about the lodge and have encouraged me to be more creative instead of sticking in my plain-Jane comfort zone.

This day really wouldn’t be possible without your help and hard work.

I’m not always the best at telling you that, but I want you to know, along with 8,000 other subscribers, just how much I appreciate you.

On Saturday, take a moment to stop, take a breath, and look around. Admire your work and the smiles on people’s faces.

Those are because of you, you made that happen.

Love you.

And for any brides out there, be sure to thank your mom. They deserve that and more.


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