Texas is the slow boat on Amazon express

Leaders’ backward priorities won’t play well with tech giant

Much has been made of how Texas’ major cities are rolling out the red carpets for online retailer Amazon.com’s second headquarters.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Seattle-based tech giant wants to build its next big business hub and cities around the nation are scrambling to figure out what they can offer and which amenities to show off.

Now, this won’t have much to do with Gillespie County, unless it gets located near West Austin.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if the forward-looking company ignored Texas’ pleas.

The Lone Star State has an “embarrassing Uncle Dan” problem. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick insisted on backwards priorities during the past legislative session and he got the headlines he craved around the nation. But stressing things like the bathroom bill and making constant cuts to public education doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence from those on the outside looking in.

Patrick, a Baltimore, Maryland native, was a conservative radio talk show host. As on his show, he legislates with the mute button when ideas he doesn’t like are presented. Now he is using his bully pulpit in the legislature to act like a Mullah at the head of the Texas Taliban.

Tech and industry leaders are looking for a place where leaders are open to people and ideas, acknowledge the importance of a comprehensive border immigration policy, and create a business climate that encourages job creation but knows when to butt out of people’s personal lives.

House Speaker Joe Straus, the lone temperate adult of our big three leaders (Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker), has formed an interim Select Commission on Economic Competitiveness. It will seek to find out the things that make Texas great for business, and, hopefully, send a strong “Don’t Mess With Texas” message to legislators who float goofy bathrooms bills and the like.

Through their own zeal, some of the state’s uber-conservative leaders are ruining a perfectly good business environment.

We urge voters and business leaders to encourage a healthy business climate, but tell embarrassing Uncle Dan to stop acting like he was anointed the church lady in chief. – K.E.C.


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