Showers save us time, water, get rid of 'rings'


Have you ever given much thought to the shower?

You’ll find them in most bathrooms in this country, either as a free-standing device or as part of the bath tub plumbing arrangement.

While I usually took a bath as a child — I think that was Mom and Dad’s way of making sure I got as clean as possible. Even if I didn’t use much soap, at least the bath water might help soak away some of the dirt.

But as I approached my double-digit pre-teen years, I learned that a shower took less time than a bath and it satisfied all of the “health codes” as regulated by my parents. The shower would even clean behind my ears and went a long way to eliminate the “Rings of Saturn,” a family term for the nearly-constant dirt around my neck.

I’ve learned through the years that showers, like people, come in all sizes. While some are teeny-tiny, others are quite elaborate and roomy, almost to the size that could also accommodate a baby grand piano.

In one form or another, showers have been with us for some time. In their simplest form, the original showers were nothing more than waterfalls discovered out in the wilderness.

When you discovered such a natural fountain, and you knew it was time for bathing, you were in personal hygiene heaven. (Back in those days, one clue you could rely on for determining when it was “shower time” was if your pet yak sniffed in your direction, gave you an awful look, and wouldn’t come near you.)

Taking this type of shower also depended on your tolerance to icy cold water!

As for the more conventional “shower-on-demand,” historians often credit the ancient Greeks with coming up with the concept of showering, similar to the way it’s done nowadays.


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