Residents deserve warning on fines

Make rules clear for water, trash customers before levying penalties

The city must have an orderly way to collect garbage and monitor its water use. But last week’s complaints by residents about fines and the resulting confusion deserves attention by the city council and staff.

                Some residents were surprised to find violations for a slightly overfilled trash bin the city supplies. Those were deemed hefty for what should be a minor infraction — $75 for the trash bin, then another $63 for municipal court charges — a total of $138 for what was described as too much trash to allow the lid to close properly. 

Yet before residents who complained to the city council received their first citation, they were issued a second one for the same offense, not even having realized they were out of bounds on the first infraction.

Another resident complained these also applied to water infractions. And that was another area where confusion reigned — some complained they were cited for a neighbor’s sprinkler, or for hand watering on a day that did not correspond to the correct address — which is allowed.

Mayor Linda Langerhans thankfully said the issues would be addressed. Our new code enforcement officer should balance his zeal with the reality of many who reside here.

And the city should clearly spell out a system that first warns residents they are outside the rules, then establishes reasonable fines based on the severity of the infraction. — K.E.C.




Addresses ending in:

1 or 2 - Monday

3 or 4 - Tuesday

5 or 6 - Wednesday

7 or 8 - Thursday

9 or 0 - Friday


Allowed Watering Methods on Designated Days

All outdoor irrigation may occur between the hours of 5-9 a.m. and again from 7-11 p.m. on designated days.

Watering of plants with a bucket or other hand-held container, hand held hose, or drip irrigation shall be permitted through Stage 4 of watering restrictions without limitation as to the day of the week, however, it can only be done during the hours above.

Hand-Held means used or operated while being held in the hand or hands.

Hose means a common residential garden hose not more than one (1") inch in diameter which includes a positive cut-off nozzle.


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