Postcards from the edge of the past century

Sunday morning, the guest speaker at church was relating to the congregation during her message that she was one of those people referred to as a “digital migrant” instead of a “digital native.”

I chuckled to myself and agreed that that’s also the category into which I fall.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was born just a short time too soon and wasn’t born with computer instinct. By that, I mean that I’m always a little leery to hit the “go” button as I call it when I’m working on a project on the computer, thinking to myself, “What will happen if I mess something up?”

I have a three-year-old nephew who has nearly as much computer “geschicht” as I have. Whenever I show him a picture on my iPhone, the first thing he does is swipe the screen to make it advance to the next picture. And he’s only three!

Any number times during the course of a day at the office, I hit the send/receive button on my computer to retrieve email.

These days, a great majority of the news releases that are processed for each week’s newspaper come via email. Gone are the days of photocopied news releases that are received in an envelope with a postage stamp.

As part of my daily task of writing obituaries for each week’s paper, I receive email obit transmissions from all over the United States.

And I’ve learned that if I have a follow-up question, the quickest way to find out the answer is to “shoot” an email back to the sender.

Usually, I will receive an answer within five to 10 minutes at the most, but then there are some days that it seems to take an eternity for the other end to respond. And that might only be 30 minutes.

We have become an impatient society. We want everything at our fingertips and we want it now.

Here awhile back, one of my dad’s cousins dropped by with a shoe box full of postcards my great-grandmother received as far back as 100 years ago.


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