Porter criticism


Michael Porter’s article is one of the most clownish things I’ve read from local news, which is quickly becoming as liberal and out of touch as the national press. I can only assume that Porter’s politics are shared by you, which is why you chose to run his hit piece.

Porter condescendingly believes that Fredericksburg is filled with rubes who need to be admonished for their political views. Scorn, shame and condescension have become the preferred tools of many in politics, rather than debate and reason.

So it’s no surprise that Porter’s article was entirely focused on smearing the character of our state representative, Kyle Biedermann, while saying nothing to address his actual message.

• Why did Biedermann go to Washington?

• Why did Biedermann criticize the Governor?

• Why did Biedermann propose state secession?

These would be newsworthy questions, which Porter could in good faith debate, but he doesn’t even consider them. Instead, his article is filled with ad hominem attacks and innuendo, entirely devoid of substance, making no argument and serving no purpose other than to put in print all the nasty things he can imagine to call Biedermann.

He calls Biedermann antagonistic, a boy, a conspirator to violence, selfimmolating, alientating, craving of attention, a laughingstock, a confederate seditionist, a circus clown act, a buffoon and an embarrassment.

Your editorial standards are evidently quite low.

Biedermann just won his re-election with the support of the majority of voters in this county and his message resonates with many. The. Public would be better served by having the edits of his message debated, rather than wasting your reaaders’ time by publishing the childish name-calling of classless loons like Porter.

This community deserves better.

Scott Travis


(Editor’s note: Three points to Mr. Travis —

– Porter’s “politics” include a $1 million check to Gov. Abbott and substantial donations to other conservative causes. And we have been on the receiving end of his criticism before.

– Biedermann, when challenged in a party primary, did not win the majority of this community’s support.

– Lastly, does anyone honestly think that such a large and all-affecting proposal such as secession should not receive any criticism? We believe that is unrealistic, to say the least.)