A Pokéwhat?

Anime pocketmonsters entice children to explore


Everyone who has access to the Internet or a television has heard about the latest cell phone app game craze — Pokémon Go.

I was first introduced to the game when I noticed that my teenage sons would disappear for hours at a time during the day. When I confronted them about it, they said, “We’re catching Pokémon, Mom.”

I told them not to get smart with me and I knew they were up to no good. Turned out they were catching the anime cartoon characters.

Released Wednesday, July 6, the two downloaded the application onto their smartphones, started walking through the streets of Fredericksburg in search of critters and haven’t stopped since, just like millions of other people in the United States.

“The company estimates Pokémon Go became the most popular game in the U.S. this year within 24 hours, and with about 21 million daily active users at its peak, topped Candy Crush Saga, which launched in 2013, to become the most popular game in history,” according to Fortune Magazine.

The app hit Fredericksburg full force as well. Again, my teenage sons clued me into the fact that hundreds of people in town were playing the game. Drive by Marktplatz at 10 p.m. to see young and old meandering through the square, eyes glued to their phones searching for the cute creatures.

It took me less than one minute from when I hit Main Street to bump into local teenagers playing the game.

Parker Tran and Brendon Huynh, who attend Fredericksburg High School, were walking in search of Pokémon at 3:30 p.m. last Wednesday in 95 degree heat. Both teenagers said their being outdoors wasn’t the norm but they had to catch Pokémon.

“I like that it gets us outside and we get to meet people,” said Parker, who was on day three of playing the game.


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