Our job is news — good and bad


We try to be a responsible messenger over rumors in the face of tragedy


Sooner or later, bad things happen even in the best or safest of towns. Two bad wrecks last week highlighted that fact that shattered our small city’s sense of calm.

We don’t enjoy covering accidents. But these days, as soon as they happen, the rumor mill gets going on social media. Some criticized our coverage of a fatal accident, posting a photo of the vehicles involved 14 hours after it had happened. We figured families had been notified by that time.

When there are fatalities involved, we tell our reporters never to show bodies out of respect to the families. We have a different sense of journalistic decency, compared to many countries where bloodied bodies often are lead photos.

Mainly, we sought to get out the correct information gathered from law enforcement and not leave situations like these to the rumor mill. That frequently causes more confusion and misstatements. 

We have school children as well, and we know it is sensitive when youth are involved in fatal wrecks. But the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post has been a part of this community for more than 100 years and we view our role as stewards of a public trust. It as our responsibility to get out correct information.

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