Online resources for state voter help


Want to know more about the statewide races for non-spotlight contests? First, read a daily newspaper. Second, log online to download a supplement with information on many down-ballot races.

The League of Women Voters has produced a 24-page guide relevant for Gillespie Countians. It has information on primary races from U.S. President, to Texas Senator, other Texas races, and it explains the rules needed to vote. The non-partisan guide is available online to download at and click on Voters Guide.

The passivity of today’s society is worrying. We seem more interested in what’s going around social media than in who is making our laws, our policies and charting our course for the future.

Most of us complain incessantly about politics, yet 46% of the people cast no vote in the last presidential election.

It is part of our responsibility in a selfgoverning democracy to educate ourselves and cast our votes. We all have a vested interest in the well-being of our system of government and staying informed is key to that. Don’t stay checked out on social media. — K.E.C.