My Two Cents


I was rinsing dinner plates when a visiting friend said, “Let’s go swimming!” The march toward nightfall had already begun and I guessed we had less than an hour of that soft pretty light that lingers after the sun dips below the hillsides.

“Seems sort of late; it will be dark soon,” I replied as I closed the dishwasher door.

“Then quit wasting time and get your suit on,” he urged with a smile.

Maybe five minutes later, we were wading into the pond behind my house, quickly coming to the place where it drops off deep enough to swim. I began my first lap with a slow backstroke so I could watch the sky that was changing colors by the minute.

Years ago, a tree fell over into the pond and now rests mostly below the surface of the water, providing a great place to sit and rest.

After paddling about for a while, we both settled in there, telling stories, laughing and trying to fend off dozens of curious perch, several of whom where bold enough to take a nibble. When just the faintest of light remained, I suggested we paddle back and go in. “Nope, not yet,” he said.

As the shades of light became shades of darkness, our conversation lessened. Sitting as still as possible, the surface of the pond became glassy. As stars began to twinkle in the heavens, their reflection glimmered on the water. It was both majestic and peaceful.

My friend broke the silence by saying, “There, that’s it,” and pointing behind me. I turned to see the big moon just poking up above the horizon, silvery and bright. We were one day too late for full moon, but there was plenty still there to behold. And once again, the scene was transformed. Twilight to nightfall to moonshine. Incredible.

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