The most important Beatles song?


Depends who you ask, writes music fan Danny Hirt



Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve always been a Beatles fan. Since my early teenage years, I’ve had what nowadays would be called a “man-crush” on the Lads from Liverpool.

The Fab Four have always been “gear” with me. I’d always wished I could have been a member of the band; that would have been so cool.

As a fan of John, Paul, George and Ringo, I’ve had quite a few discussions with other Beatles aficionados regarding many of the aspects of the group.

No, I never got into talking about which one was the cutest or who had the nicest hair. That, of course, was for others to consider.

Instead, we’d engage in deeper topics, such as rating each Beatle as a musician, who was the best song writer (that list, in my opinion, could easily be broken down to two people — either John Lennon or Paul McCartney; some people would put the two as equals, and that’s fair enough).

Sometimes these discussions would cover another hot topic: What was the most important Beatle song of all-time?

Believe me, this is not an easy topic to consider, because during their career as Beatles, they wrote literally hundreds of songs. And many of those offerings were of excellent quality and deserved consideration.

Let me qualify this particular topic for our discussion. I’m talking about the most important song to the Beatles as the most influential musical group of the 1960s and up until now.

Oh sure, there are several easy contenders for the Most Important Song in the Fab Four’s repertoire. But first, you might want to take into account the various stages of the Beatles’ careers. The levels I’m referring to would be those while the group was together, not later in their individual careers.

Even though the Beatles were on the scene for just a scant few years — let’s say 1962 to 1970 for the sake of this discussion — their influence will continue for many years (centuries?) to come. This Most Important Beatle Song is an acknowledgement of the influence possessed by these British Invaders.


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